Looking At Bones

peopleSo recently I read an article about men being able to show torsos with no complications, but women being shouted down for it. Frankly I would prefer it if NOBODY showed any sort of torso whatsoever, because it’s just appalling really.

It makes them look a tad vulnerable, as though they were some kind of animal, baring themselves to the weather. Now it’s alright for animals, but as they sometimes say in books from animal points of view, human nakedness is a pathetic, gloopy sight! Humans are just skin-coloured flesh with nothing on it, susceptible to any kind of hurt with no natural defense mechanisms except those of a very meagre quality. Such as goosebumps. Now what help are goosebumps in the cold, pray do tell me?

So, in conclusion, I would like to say that nakedness is not very sightly for both men and women. Why can’t people just wear their clothes and save us the embarrassment of being the only mammal species to look like gloops of dough?


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