More Aurelia, as we have established, Aurelia had made a friend at sixth form college. A friend who would eventually lead her into the arms of darkness, but a friend nonetheless.

She did have other ‘acquaintances’, but that is all they were, acquaintances. There was one particular young lady in her tutor class, who was remarkably friendly. She treated her like a sister, even though they barely knew each other. Aurelia thought she was on the odd side of matters, but she enjoyed the fact that somebody had taken enough interest in her to treat her like a sister, and so Aurelia complied.

They found out that they both had somebody in common, and so a friendship developed.

However by that time Aurelia was already trapezing on the edges of doom. Then a Chris appeared in her life. She didn’t much care for this Chris fellow. But he was somebody to talk so, so she felt as though she might as well hang on to him. Plus he was sort of likeable in a “I shall agree with everything you say because you’re awfully clever” sort of way, even though she wasn’t clever at all. He was just the sort of fellow who made her seem clever, because he wasn’t terribly bright himself! Odd, that.

He was awfully fond of milkybars, as it happened.

This was also the time in which her relationship with a Liam had reached its eighth month. She found this annoying, but also interesting. Boys, to Aurelia, were just another liability to be dealt with.

Liam did not seem to think the same of Aurelia. He was perfect. His raven hair was perfect, his bright green eyes were perfect, his scent was perfect. His voice was beautiful, his height was just right. He bought her roses and chocolate and took her on long bike rides. He had stubble. Aurelia loved stubble. He was kind and sweet and generous and apart from all of that, he had no personality because he was as made up as could be. Made up? Isn’t that SAD? Who would make up a boyfriend!? Well, Aurelia would. It was a tad sad, but Aurelia felt she had to do it, because she noticed that when she told other males that she had a boyfriend, they tended to stop flirting with her and start being friends with her. Which is what she preferred. Some didn’t, of course, because some are shameless b******s, but she learnt to deal with that. Aurelia, thought Aurelia, was being recklessly her own carefree, meticulous self. Until, of course, she broke up with her imaginary boyfriend. That was when the trouble started. But for now, folks, that is quite another story.

Boys, and their feelings, as I was saying, were just another liability to Aurelia.

She had more interesting things to worry about, like the strange, beautiful scent that lingered around the bend on the black railinged walk on her way home from Sixth form. It was so haunting, in that she was absolutely fathomless as to its origin.

She spent hours hunting around the area (which was littered with some sort of interesting vine), to find the glorious smell, to no avail. It was on a wintery evening, when she was returning home from the cinema with her sister that she found the source of the scent. Far away from the bend, her sister was listening to her ramble on about something or other with a very resigned air. Aurelia was a chatterbox, at best, and there was simply no stopping her when she started.

As they approached the bend, both sisters stopped short, Aurelia’s hand a warning brace on her sister’s arm. For there, in the bend, at the spot where the scent usually haunted Aurelia’s nostrils, stood a lone fox, staring at them.

They stood like that, for a few moments, fox and humans, startled into stillness, before the fox turned and darted in through the black railings by the side of the bend. Evergreen trees grew over the railing that separated the bend from a grassy oval of green to the left of the bend. To the right of the bend was a beautiful white house with a very Narnian lamppost outside it, lit in this winter evening to give off the eerie, yet comfortable glow that accompanies the feeling of emptiness one feels when a normally human inhibited place is void of humans. In front of the house, the curious vine tumbled all over the pathway, littered with little white flowers. Aurelia had already discovered that these little flowers did not exude the beautiful smell she had so often experienced.

Now that the setting is clear, I shall proceed with my narration.

Once the fox had darted away, Aurelia and her sister resumed walking. As they walked on the spot where the fox had been not moments before, Aurelia stopped, turned her face skywards, and sniffed. As if on cue, her sister did the same.

Looking to their right, to see if they could catch a glimpse of Mr Fox, in the soft glow of the lamppost, both sisters saw the closed petals of small, pointy purple flowers pointed slightly downwards, facing the black railings behind which they grew. Reaching a cold hand through the railing, Aurelia plucked one, and brought it to her nose.

She turned to her sister, feeling the rapture on her face and in her eyes. He sister smelt it also, and they beamed at each other. For they had discovered the source of the smell that laced Aurelia’s wild and fanciful dreams.


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