Oleaginous Child

cupcakesToday was a busy day. I woke up pretty early, intending to go on my four hour cycle, but ending up lying down. Five minutes, I told myself. Just five.

Then, three hours later, at five past nine in the morning, my mother yelled at me to get up because we were late!

After spending four hours running errands, I returned home, to realise I had a lot of planning to do before the evening party at the place where I teach! I then rushed about, doing research for my ‘talk’, baked two batches of chocolate cupcakes which my mother kindly iced for me.

When I told a particular student of mine that it wasn’t actually me who iced them, she smarmily told me that in her house she did all her own icing. What got me really riled about this is the fact that this particular child always finds a way of undermining me in some way! It is frustrating, and sparks a lot of ill will within me towards her, which is awful considering that I am her teacher.

She is an extraordinarily trying, obnoxious, pessimistic and narcissistic child. I do not know what to blame it on, given that everybody has their own story to tell, and nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. However I feel as though she hungers for recognition even though she doesn’t particularly deserve it. She goes out of her way to contradict everything I say, and her expression when I am talking to her could make milk go sour.

Needless to say, I absolutely despise her.

This is an awful thing to say. As a teacher, I feel as though I have failed with regards to this child. I can never reach her, and I do not want to, although at the same time I feel as though I need to.

She is just atrocious, and horrible to be around. She makes my insides writhe. The perpetual expression on her face is one of distaste and snobbery. I do not know what makes her believe she is better than everybody else, and telling her she is not only serves to magnify her hatred towards me.

So today I am feeling like a failure, a pickle, a sour bottle of milk, a slice of congealed steak, a drain pipe, a drawback, a handicap, a pathetic creature, a snow drift, an unwanted piece of cat excrement on the front lawn, a liar, a fool, a two timer, a limitation, a trammel, an impedance, an impediment and a hitch.

I also said some terrible things, and things which make me cringe, and feel as though I am a breadstick in society.

On a much brighter note, I did get quite a lot of compliments on my cupcakes, and I did not fail to mention that my dear mother did ice ALL twenty four of them remarkably beautifully and assembled them in their box to be taken with me and for that I thank her, because without her I would have been late and behind and held up and in a bind and tardy.

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