The Curious and Interesting Issue of Bananas

Recently I was having an email conversation with a friend and this friend informed me that my novel, which I am working on, and I have named The Curious and Interesting Issue of Bananas, should actually be called “Bananarosity”.

Now the immediate consequence of hearing my friend’s opinion was that this was a brilliant name, and far better than anything I could ever concoct!

However, as I sat back and thought about it, I conceded that it WAS far better than anything I could concoct, but in its being so, didn’t that mean that it wasn’t really MINE? If I called it something I wouldn’t have dared envision, didn’t that mean it was really my friend’s touch, instead of my own?  And while I have absolutely no problem with that, I just think that if it is my writing, I ought to at least title it something I deem worthy of my own efforts! For I would never flatter myself as to compare my literary talents to those of said friend, and I feel quite strongly that I should publish my works as mine own.

I actually thought “The Curious and Interesting Issue of Bananas” was a nice title, and suited the tone of my story perfectly, but my friend reckons it might be seen as too redundant, and I do think that is right, but the whole point of my story is not to be politically correct, but to be on the rather bonkers side of things. A peek into the world of the Mad Hatter, as it were. And this includes being rather excessive and bombastic, because in essence that is the sort of humour I posses!

This is what my friend said, exactly, “Anyway, your book title is hilarious but should you ever publish it, I fear that “curious and interesting” will be perceived as slightly too redundant D: Might I suggest shortening it to the extraordinarily creative portmanteau: “Bananarosity”?

Should I shorten it, or shouldn’t I. That is the question.

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