And So They Walked Ahead


I want to take these few precious tired moments before my head crashes onto a deliciously cold pillow to say some things.

Today, being the first day of the New Year, was the day I received my ‘Christmas’ presents. Well, I say ‘received’, even though I had already been given them. I was just waiting till January the first to open them.

It was also the day that I gave Christmas presents!

Well, I say ‘Christmas’ presents, but I suppose in essence they are New Year’s presents. Either way, it was a pleasant moment.

I went to town with my little brother yesterday (it feels like today, I haven’t slept since) and bought some red tights to go with my red dress. I also had a spray of something Dior, and can I just say.. that was pure heaven in a bottle. I sprayed some on my wrists and dabbed it behind my ears and it has lasted from 3pm until now, 8:30am. How wonderful is that? I really want to buy it but I am pretty sure a scent so beautiful will come at a price that could cause avalanches.

So, it is now January 2014. How incredible. How surreal.

2013 wasn’t too good a year, in the sense that I did things I was definitely not proud of. But it got better around month 5, because I decided I was too old to be lead up the garden path time and again. I discovered things, and learnt things.

2013 was a pretty interesting book year.

I finally read both The Catcher in the Rye and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I enjoyed Caulfield just as much as I enjoyed Charlie, but I must say Charlie was slightly more lovable than Holden. I finished the fifth Game of Thrones novel, and indulged a bit in the classics, by re-reading (for the fiftieth time) Vanity Fair by Thackeray, Pride and Prejudice (my all time favourite romance) and The Mill on the Floss.

2013 was also the year I ventured into Dystopia! I read;

-Masque of the Red Death and its sequel, Dance of the Red Death. Not recommendable if you are used to the brilliant likes of Patrick Ness and Marcus Zusak.

Shatter Me (abhorrent), The Raven Boys (deliciously interesting), On the Jellicoe Road (not dystopia, but simply beautiful), Saving Francesca (same author as OTJR), Ketchup Clouds (could SCREAM), The Fault in Our Stars (FINALLY), Looking for Alaska (lovely), Paper Towns (intriguing journey, still a gem by John Green), Snow Child, The Sky is Everywhere (Jandy Nelson is a beautiful writer), Under the Never Sky (and so we embark on the acclaimed journey that is Veronica Rossi), and lots LOTS more. I can safely say that 2013 has been a deliciously bookish year for me, and I am looking forward to all the brilliant books I shall no doubt be immersed in come 2014, if I am still alive!

I made three new friends this year, and rekindled old friendships. Which is always a great thing.

Anyhow, I feel as though I shouldn’t write another post about anything important, until my Happening happens, if it happens, and then I shall let my heart and soul pour into the description of my Happening, as it has happened, if it happens, and how the Happening went, and how it feels to have had a Happening happen.

Am I excited? I am so excited. I lie awake at night, sometimes, and a surge of joy threatens to escape me, and I just want to get up and dance outside in the cold dawn on the icy grass but what I say to myself is, Lenny dear, there is cat poo on the lawn, don’t be so daft.

But I am very frightened to express joy. I feel sometimes as though I don’t deserve to be so happy, to have the wildest of my dreams swell up before me in vivid, bright, luxurious reality. I can’t believe it. I can’t. I never in a million years believed this would ever happen. When I was a twelve year old girl I prayed to God, for this very thing, never assuming it would come true.

It was so far fetched, so absurd.

But it happened.

Because no matter who you are, if you have faith, things happen.

So, I suppose I shall bid y’all farewell, until I return, to talk of my Happening, after it has happened.

I wish each and every soul out there a happy year, and happy times to come, and lots of positivity and prosperity.

And so we enter a new chapter of our lives.

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