Insomnia’s Dreams


I dream of a sunny day, the swish of layers of gauze

The smell of chrism, the feel of maquillage

the passing smile, the shy glance

the butterflies

the tears quivering on the edges of a refined lash.

I dream of the soft glow of a lamp,

The crinkle of pages well loved;

thumbed and creased,

the steam as it rises from a chipped mug

frayed edges

old plush

I dream of soft skin, wrinkled and stretched

the hands, worked through love

the silvery strands, of soft smelling hair

entwined around a band,

the head long buried, six feet deep

I dream of a smile,

A sharp bone of hip,

The laughter of the children

echoing through the street

emotional tears

through the window

heart thumping

mind racing

sweat pouring


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