Entrapped in a Vile World




I was sitting in the GP surgery waiting room, when it suddenly struck me that the world as I know it is one big fat ignominious lie.

The thought didn’t pop out of nowhere. It had to be triggered by something. And it was, never fear. There was a TV screen at the end of the room, showing a slideshow of important things, such as statistics of cancellations, and notices about the winter flu.

One thing that popped up, during a slideshow about the flu, was this little sentence:

Book your flu jab appointments NOW before they run out!!!

Literally three exclamation marks. I sat there for a few minutes, thinking the following;

Huh, fancy that, how can you book appointments before they run out. Before appointments run out? How does that work, surely..OH. Flu jab appointments. Does this mean the stuff in the jab runs out? Probably. Yes, it’s probably so everybody gets their jab before it runs out. Yes I under–

HOLD up a second.

If everybody gets their jab before the jab runs out, then how will the jab run out? If there are enough jabs to be handed around to EVERYBODY before they run out, then why do we need to hurry? Why do we need to hurry up to book flu jab appointments before they run out if there is only a limited number of flu jabs?

So, why are they telling me to book my appointment NOW, before they run out? Doesn’t everybody else need flu jabs too? Why me, and not all those humans who will eventually make them run out?

 What I am trying to say is that saying “Book your appointments now before they run out” is a very illogical thing to say. It makes no sense. If the flu jabs are going so fast originally, then there’s no point booking one, because it will still go to somebody who is in need of one, correct?

They are telling you to hurry up and get a flu jab, even though they are selling like hot cakes. They are begging you to get a flu jab, even though they are hinting that you already should know that flu jabs are really important and are vanishing at a remarkable rate.

They are, in short, lying to you by saying that flu jabs are important. 

Don’t you SEE? The flu jabs AREN’T going to run out. They’re NOT being used up. These humans WANT you to THINK they’re being used up, and that it is the medical “fashion” of sorts, to get a flu jab, to entice you into getting a flu jab. This is just a ruse to get humans to take chemicals in their bodies when they do not need them. Yeah, sure, humans die from the flu, big deal. Everybody will die, and humans certainly are not likely to die more from the flu than anything else. Even if they did die, that was their fate. Humans are born to die.

Medicine as we know it today is somehow, managing to control us in the very same way the higher secret powers are. Nobody is safe. They never were. 

As an end note, I would like to say that natural remedies work just as well as man made ones, if not better. Our ancestors survived years (yes, years) on natural remedies. The only reason why their average mortality rate was so low was because of the high rates of infant deaths, which of course would naturally affect the average rate in a population. Humans a hundred years ago lived to the ripe old age of seventy years, if not more. I would also like to point out that our way of living is drastically worse than most humans of that era. Discounting of course, city dwellers during the Industrial Revolution.

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