The Art of Not Learning

I feel like blogging is supposed to be about things that matter to the world, and things that have impacts and MEAN things.

For example, in the book I am currently reading, F Scott Fitzgerald pointed out that criticising other humans should be kept in check because not everybody has had the advantages you have had. That being said, however, one can argue for hours over what could be considered an advantage but I suppose, pragmatically speaking, we would all concur that to have a roof over one’s head and to have a nourished stomach is to be advantaged.

Now this is a rather pointless example if I don’t explain myself, and I feel I can only do so by replaying a little conversation I had in my mind a few days ago while I was clearing the dinner table (or rather, the table at which we eat dinner given that a dinner table is not the same as a table at which we eat dinner for the simple reason that there are such things as breakfast tables and coffee tables and, I daresay, lunch tables and so would all be significantly different from each other):

Well here I am cleaning tables

Yes indeed I am here.

Cleaning a table is not the same as having a table cleaned.

Quite so, quite so.

And neither is liking what one does the same as doing what one likes.

Saying what one means is not the same as meaning what one says.

 And so on, and so forth, ladies and gentlemen. So you see, I really was listing a list of various things which are not the same as the other, even though the eventual outcome of these things might be of striking semblance. Now you can very well see that I was playing on the musings of that Mad Hatter and the old March Hare, creations of Carroll, of course. Not that they were bloggers, in any way, of course, given that they were both of an era where blogging was virtually non existent given that they had no internet) but going back to my point about bloggery being meaningful, I am pretty sure that both Fitzgerald and Carroll put quite a lot of thought into their jottings and writings and as such were able to produce masterpieces of thought and artistic innovation, whereas I, as a blogging human undertaking the art of bloggery, merely write about things found in the nooks and crannies of my mind that I have no use for.

This, as they say, is not learning, but recycling. One learns by reading and observing, not reusing a pile of scrap one has no use for!

That being said, there is no use of course complaining about it! As another wise human once said:

Rather than complain about things, Lenny, you might as well get on with them. Or change them.

— My Mother

And so wiles my night away. I suppose a great thing to do would be to pick up an informative text and indulge in that for the rest of the night.

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