I have always said adamantly that I would never be a teacher. Especially not a children’s teacher. Complete nightmare, I said. Utter nonsense! I do not have the will power or patience for it! Despite all this, however, I have always been extremely partial to little humans, and I have always enjoyed talking to them. They make so much more sense than older people and are such dears to talk to, when they are being reasonable of course. And let us not forget how delumptious chubby little babies are, and how they make you melt, and do their adorable little biddings, for who could deny those sweet huge imploring eyes the forbidden delights they mourn!?

Now that I have joined on as a part time teacher, I have realised that I was very very wrong. It is dreadfully trying at times, especially when you want nothing more than to curl up in a corner and sleep, and all these young faces and voices chattering and demanding things of you, and asking the same old questions a million different ways. Sometimes I hurt their poor little feelings without realising, and have to try to maneuver my words in such a way as to protect their hurt, and cheer them up and let me tell you this is no walk in the park.

To summarise my experience, since I am now leaving this post to go and live elsewhere, I would like to say as how I absolutely loved teaching for these past six months. It has been the light of so many of would-be dark days. It has made me happier, more understanding, and definitely more compassionate, and may I be so arrogant as to say perhaps a tad more wise? Either way, it has been refreshing. I shall miss my mini humans so much. In fact I just may cry when I leave them. They are such joys. Such magic pebbles. Bundles of smiles and warm love. They make me grin when I am in the foulest of moods. My heart sings to hear them laugh. I love them.


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