Square Seven

Well hello there. And how do you do? And how do YOU do? And you, and you? Oh, and you, of course. No, I didn’t forget you! Impossible! I saved the best for last.

I finally met up with my sister after five months of being apart from her and it was lovely. I didn’t give her any kisses but I hugged her she seemed happy to have her older sister back and I was happy to have a ready-made talking companion and everything was hanky dory until yesterday.

Yesterday she pestered me beyond belief. She wanted to play candy crush on my  phone even though I only had 8% battery life left and I might have needed it for an emergency. Naturally I said no to her but she kept persisting and this girl simply cannot take no for an answer. I had forgotten that irritating trait of hers. 

When I ignored her petulant persistence she began to take physical measures against me. She threw pillows at me, and poked me. She interrupted my conversations, and talked over me. I began to hate her again. 

So now things are really back to normal. 



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