The Premio Dardos Award


It is not easy to write. Sometimes it can be, ideas can flow through the ends of fingers and pens, smoothing themselves out on the page and settling their feathers in contentment, getting along very well indeed. Other times, one feels an urge to scour their very brains. Are these ideas really mine? Am I writing to please certain people? Why aren’t these thoughts merging together, why is this sounding so gaudy and cheap? If I were to read this aloud, I would cringe! How can I write an entire book when my ideas keep changing, developing?

It also appears that nobody seems to be fully satisfied with what they have written. Always room for improvement, always a better way to put things. I know I feel like that. I read so many blogs and am enthralled  by what these voices have to say. I think, well WHY can’t I write like that? It seems so easy!

And so it was a wonderful surprise when Diana Wallace Peach recognised me me for the Premio Dardos Award.

Her writing is incredible, and here are some of her wonderful words for you to read; The Terrible Night Before Christmas, Passion and Priority, and my favourite, Big Hearts and Artists.

My blog is very small and I write to set my heart free, and to be recognised so by somebody who writes so beautifully is truly a magnificent honour. After doing some research on the award, I came up with a few facts:

The Premio Dardos award recognises cultural, ethical, literary and personal values in the form of creative and original writing.

Three specific rules come into place once you accept the Premio Dardos award, and these are:

  1. Accept the award by posting it on your blog along with the name of the person that has granted the award and a link to his or her blog.
  2. Include the image of the ‘Premio Dardos’ in the post.
  3. Pass the award to another 15 blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgement.

I appreciate that not many bloggers like blogging awards, however this one is very much centred around writing, and whether or not you choose to take part in this award, I would still like to recognise/nominate the following blogs for cultural, ethical, literary and personal values in the form of original and creative writing:

One of the first blogs I followed on this site: A Mind Divided, who writes so elegantly, and her posts are brimming with sincerity. I find myself relating to her even though she writes about things I have never experienced. Her art is wonderfully original and creative. Read more of her lovely writing at:

Boy with a Hat  writes with an efficiency that is both haphazard and glorious. Every word is a joy to read, his writing just flows through my thoughts. Such an insightful photographer and I am so pleased to have stumbled across his blog. It is truly an inspiration. Here is one precious post:

Girl in the Hat is not a little, but a very large gem. This is one of my favourite posts by her:

Yummy Inside My Tummy is a quirky, fun blog to read, about experiencing the world of food. It is clever and direct, check out:

and my favourite:

Cancerkillingrecipe writes heartbreaking posts about struggle, survival, positivity and cancer. Her words speak to my soul, check out:

The Monster in Your Closet has experienced a myriad of  fascinating things which she reflects in her writing. Here is a post which I found particularly rewarding to read:

May she keep putting her refreshing thoughts out there.

Vintage Reflection is an aspiring stylist and vintage fashion blogger, among other things. Her creativity s catching and some of her posts are filled with interesting little tidbits that have nothing to do with fashion but add to the brightness of her content. See:


Reflections of a Book Addict is an excellent blog suitable for lovers of literature. You will find book reviews, book lists, reading challenges and much more. A particular favourite of mine is

jovinacooksitalian is a delightful Italian cooking blog which I stumbled upon on a search for ways to cook sundried tomatoes after I brought some back with me from Italy.  Her presentation is immaculate and beautiful, her insights are interesting to read and her recipes are genuinely easy to follow. Here is one delicious recipe that I have tried:

The Inspiration Magazine was previously called ‘Heidi Makes’, and her blog is bursting with colour and, well, inspiration! She posts about a myriad of topics, namely cookery, beauty and fashion. This is my go-to blog for when I want to try out something new or glean some ideas for an outfit or a makeup look. Check out:


Life as a Symphony is a beautiful blog which tells lots of wonderful family stories, which I have been following from the very beginning. Check out:

I love Jane Austen with a passion, and my all time favourite is Pride and Prejudice, of course. Austenprose – A Jane Austen Blog does the authoress great justice. This blog is bursting with all the exquisite ways in which one can celebrate the independence and dexterity of Austen. Check out:

Becoming Cliche is another one of the first blogs that I have been following on this site. I cannot stress how much I love this blog! It is smart, witty and wonderfully on point. Check out:


Slightly Ignorant writes and reviews. Her writing is intensely captivating, and always a joy to read.  If I could paste links to all her posts here I would! Among her many jewels are: and

and a last personal favourite:

Shelf Love is a lovely blog about books and reading. Two friends sharing books and reading journeys with the world, is there anything more beautiful than that? Check out:


I hope I have done these beautiful blogs justice.