I Can, Therefore I Will

You may be surprised to learn this, given my track record of being despicably bad at writing blog posts, but this blog post is actually me procrastinating!

I am supposed to be outside on the green working out for 45 minutes before the gates of the gallery open and an influx of summer day-outers arrive with their children in tow to disrupt my countryside peace, but I thought I would make this quick post on creativity and inspiration before I go, since I have had my morning coffee and am pumped upΒ and bursting with motivation!

Today is an up day, folks. I am inspired by several people. I won’t mention all of them, just those that have inspired me this morning!

Jack Howard is one of them. He is a youtuber who is doing a great many things with his life, and I do not always watch his content, but when I do I am immediately motivated to write more, move more, dance more, paint more, read more, learn more. I cannot pinpoint exactly why his videos make me want to do that, but they do. He seems so vibrant and full of information and witticism, and I am a sucker for witticism, which sadly always seems to hover just beyond my reach, and so my little quips always fall a little flat.

D Wallace Peach is another inspiration. She makes me feel uplifted, and she does not know it but she encourages me to write more, which is something I struggle to do when I am feeling low, which is a lot recently. She is an author of several books I have yet to read (and I will, I certainly will), and her writing is full of life and love and the nurture of nature through it’s seasons. I always want to take up my pen as I used to in the days of yore and cover mountains of crisp paper with my scrawly, fat handwriting after reading one of her posts.

Well, this was just a short post to tell you that I am pumped with life, dear reader. I want to be more. I want to aspire higher. My husband, who is also one of my biggest inspirations, has taught me through his actions and his very being, that you can always be better than you are, and that there is nothing out there that you can’t do. He opened my eyes to the fact that we are only limited by our perception of things.

I am only limited by the excuses my mind makes NOT to do something.

I can, therefore I will.

Who motivates you to do what you do?

4 thoughts on “I Can, Therefore I Will

  1. Good to see you back with a post … .and a wonderful post about personal inspiration! Well done. Personally, I’m a bit more self driven – although like anyone, there are those who influence me along the way.

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    • Thank you kindly! Being self-driven is something to aspire to, certainly, and I truly admire those who are motivated and enthusiastic about things. We humans do learn through each other as the generations unravel, it’s amazing!

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  2. What a pleasant surprise this morning as I scroll through and read some of my favorite bloggers! I’m so glad that my little pages motivate you to write πŸ™‚ woot, woot! This is a wonderful thing we do, this creative venture. Enjoy your day and happy scribbling ❀

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