September in Review

I bought a second hand car last month. It is rickety, and the clutch is one of those old ones where it will stall the car if you don’t give a lot of gas whilst simultaneously pulling up the clutch. It has scuff marks all over it and the wheels are slightly bubbly with rust. But it is so clean and gorgeous and silver and it’s an adorable little 2005 Nissan Micra!

I left it with my parents this week so that they could make use of it before my father goes back to where he works abroad.

This is also the month where Aston Martin told my husband he might not have a job by October.

We had planned to go away in October but now it doesn’t seem like such a good idea given that we will be needing every penny that we have.

It doesn’t feel like such bad news, though. Because whatever happens, we will find a way. It’s sad news, of course. It would be the end of an era, in a way. It would have been an epoch in our lives.

In a way though, the change could be a good thing. A way to expand certain ideas. A pathway paved for new opportunities. The day is young, the sky is blue, and we are ever hopeful.

I am working now, of course. I tutor children. They pay me peanuts because I was green and asked for peanuts. I am still building myself up though. We will manage.

September was the month that leaves finally started falling from trees. She shrugged her shoulders amid the gusts of wind that signify a change in season, and golden leaves danced and twirled on the currents, sailing through deep blue skies, glinting in the fading summer sun.

September was the month that my doctors finally accepted that my hair loss was a real thing, and are starting to do something about it.

I read six books this month. I meant to read more but there it is!

September was beautiful this year. Her sunny days outnumbered her rainy ones. Her rain smelled earthy and fresh, and she showed us our first foggy morning of winter. It spread it’s soggy, smoky tendrils through the blades of grass and the branches of trees, and then fled when the sun beamed, leaving behind a dripping wetness, the world beaming with colour.

Was your September any good?

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