On Cold Water and Salt

I have no hot water!!!!

When I told the agent about this she seemed to think it was an urgent matter and has ordered the electrician to come round immediately. She thanked me for ‘kindly’ ringing in to let her know about the issue, and told me the electrician is a very reliable chap named Billy Steeple (obviously that isn’t his real life name, I have changed it for privacy purposes).

It reminded me of the time we were in Marrakech and a waiter advertising an outdoor restaurant waved a menu in our faces shouting, “no diarrhea! No diarrhea!”

It makes you suspicious, somehow. IS this chap reliable? Why was she so quick to assure me that he was indeed reliable?

Well, it’s been mighty cold in this neck of the woods, folks. My nose gets frozen peeping out of the covers at night, and my toes are forever cold. Hot water isn’t something I am used to, however, as we have an erratic heating system at best, but I certainly don’t think I can stomach a cold shower in these icy temperatures. In the summer I can do it just fine, but I shudder to think of cold taps and freezing water on my skin, of soap that refuses to lather because the water is too cold.

I’m pleased the lady was so quick about it. She is a very reliable agent and well worth her salt.

Adieu for now!

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