“That Won’t Happen to me”

Why do we think we are so untouchable?

Why do we think we won’t be like the man who lost all his limbs in a freak, unexpected accident?

Why do we think we won’t lose our parents just yet? ‘Oh, they aren’t old. They’re not sick. We’ll all be fine. Oh dear, Penny’s dad just died. But he had diabetes. My dad doesn’t. It’ll be fine’

Why do we think bombs won’t start dropping on us, and not just the exploding kind?

Why do we think we won’t suddenly be hit with poverty like that poor girl that runs that quirky little blog?

Why do we think that just because we had one miscarriage, we won’t have many many more, like that charming young lady with a big smile to hide her heartache?

Maybe because each of our problems are our own to deal with, and looking at others with way worse ones is a coping mechanism.

Or is it just fear stopping us from accepting that pain is inevitable?

‘It’s not that bad’ we console ourselves, ‘at least we aren’t homeless. At least our situation isn’t like HERS. Or HIS.’

All of us have our own little pains. Or big pains. Our hearts will ache. If there is one thing life has taught me, it is that no matter your age, your heart will ache. I have seen my mother’s heart hurt over the passing of my Nan, and at the same time I saw my little brother’s heart break because the boy down the street turned his back on their friendship.

I read somewhere once that just because one person’s pain is not as great in magnitude as another’s, it does not mean it is less relevant. This especially applies to little children. For them, it is the first time experiencing such pain, so to them, it must be tremendous.

To an adult like you and I, it is something that happens in life, but not to a child.

I am a firm believer in the fact that no human being will ever be given more than they can bear. Religious or not, that is true. There will always be that little shred of strength inside you to drag up, to shield you against the harshness of those dark times.

I believe wholeheartedly that no matter how hard it gets, it will be a yesterday when tomorrow comes. Life is full of yesterdays. Some more bittersweet than others, but still they are yesterdays. Life is also full of tomorrows. It just matters how we handle today.

Here are some quotes in the form of pictures:

images (1)Life-Love-Quotes-The-Pain-You-FeelshadowtextphpechoQuotesAndSayings_9909f43874131f2544ffddae436ba44dimages

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