Black Day

Today the British Parliament voted to drop bombs on Syria.

They cheered voraciously when it was revealed that they had the all-clear to blow up the homes of already orphaned babies.

These bombings will not stop Daesh.

Just as the Russian and French bombs haven’t stopped them.

They will just fuel them even more.

And destroy more homes and families.

And when millions more refugees are displaced, are we going to take them in?

Are we, Mister Cameron?

I am disgusted. These rich, fat politicians are sitting in their million pound properties. Who goes out to drop the bombs? Who gets killed for no reason?

Not IS Daesh, that’s for sure. They have their hidey holes and tunnels and sneaky evil ways. The poor babies, terrorised for so long, will be in the way.

They will be hurt.

My heart is aching.


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