How To Be a Tolerator

In the face of blatant racism and cultural appropriation.

In the face of apartheid and illegal occupation.

In the face of brutal murder and genocide.

In the face of hatred and injustice.

In the face of cruelty and abuse.

In the face of persecution and mercilessness.

There is something so tantalising about life and hope. I haven’t experienced it as fully as I have read about it. Sometimes we tend to dramatise the things that happen to us, and think of them as bigger than they actually are.

We can overreact and respond to hatred with equal hatred, all of us throwing insults at each other over the protective screen that is the virtual world.

We think we have been treated unjustly from the safe comfort of our homes, the ceilings above our heads, curtains at our windows, food on our tables. And we might have been, it’s true. We each have our own stories. None of our stories are the same.

And it’s true that there are evil people hiding behind civilised masks, their words pouring like honey into the ears of all those who surround them, while they separate families and devastate society.

How can we be tolerators when the world around us is in chaos? How can we tolerate when those in power steal our lives and our rights, sitting in thrones of capital gained at our expenses?

How can we sit back and allow this brutal murder to just happen?

5 thoughts on “How To Be a Tolerator

  1. I think we must be tolerators, Lenora, and more than that we must be kind and care and build a world of empathy. Because otherwise we feed the machine that churns out more division, more alienation, more violence and hatred. We create a kinder world, not by sitting back and saying violence is okay, but by taking every opportunity to make human connections and seeking our common humanity.

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    • I know, and completely agree, but one starts to think that all this tolerating while world leaders rampage the earth and cause hopeless misery, and people get beaten down time and again, must be so very hard for those right in the midst of the chaos. It sometimes feels useless.

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      • Oh, I don’t think we should be tolerant of rampaging world leaders and the minions of fear at all. But I don’t think creating more fear, hatred, and division helps. The only way to end it is through building a foundation of love, respect, and kindness in our families, schools, neighborhoods, and communities, and working tirelessly to extend that mission to the world.

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      • Oh of course. Absolutely. All I meant was that it’s hard to tolerate all the hatred and racism and pain. But of course I am all for spreading love and kindness, sometimes it takes one act of kindness to restore somebody’s faith 🙂

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