A Word for the Wise

Today I learnt something interesting about wisdom.

Wisdom, many of us think, comes hand in hand with experience. Some may argue that it doesn’t, and that it only appears to because some of us were blessed with hindsight or insight, or some of us were just lucky to have heard something wise that day and thought we would like to share it. Lord knows that’s happened to me many times.

But perhaps we are missing the bigger picture here. Isn’t wisdom only seen as such when it is relevant? A piece of ‘wisdom’ might not mean anything to Sheila, for example, but to Robert, it might mean the world. Wisdom is not applicable to each and every person, it is tailored specifically to people’s different perspectives and situations in life.

What, fellow bloggers, do you think wisdom is?



Art: David James Cannon, wildlife artist.

Wise elephant photo.

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