Walrus in my Throat


I was going to write a post moaning about my life.

But then I realised that my family loves me, and even though marriage is hard work and doesn’t always make you feel great, it’s still something worth fighting for.

All the Christmas cheer makes me feel irritable and prone to hide away like a grinch, but I am happy everybody else is happy. I am happy that happiness exists in the world, and that even in the most trying of times, people are willing to share and give to those less fortunate. There are so many heart warming stories out there. I guess this ‘Christmas cheer’ does something to cold hearts after all.

The sight of somebody I used to know made me feel as though I was going to vomit from fear this week. It ruined my whole mood and turned my day gloomy and dreadful. That is, full of dread. But then I realised that I am a strong lady, and even if he did come to me and make my life miserable again I canΒ kick him out because nobody will rule my life like that. Nobody. I refuse to let it happen. The very idea that it used to happen makes me so angry. So if push comes to shove, I will resurrect all my anger and use it to my advantage. Strength, my dear, strength.

I don’t want to do anything. But if I don’t, I will underachieve. If there’s one thing I have learnt about life, it is that it is brutal. It carries on despite you not being able to keep up. The more you lag behind, the more it swiftly speeds on ahead. So I have learnt that the only way to keep up is to go through the motions.

Get out of bed. Complete all set tasks. Achieve short term goals, which are slow ticks on a list that add up to a long term goal. Along the way, you might burst through a ray of sunshine. A walk on a grassy hill. The wind in your hair as you sail down a hill. Rain pattering on the trees, releasing a deliciously rich, earthy smell. A surprise kiss. A piece of chocolate melting in your mouth after a particularly hard day. An evening of laughter.

I will be strong.

I will be happy.

I will be successful.

I will feed my soul. There is very little soul feeding going on in the world lately.

I will spread joy.

I will live life.

I will drown the demons. They cannot win.

Meanwhile there is a perpetual walrus in my chest and sometimes it climbs up into my throat and makes tear-water leak from my eyes. But I will smother him. It’s not the time. It’s not the time. Yet.

Soon I will be alone, to have a nice lonely cry and feel sorry for myself, get it out of my system and then dry my tears and carry on.

Merry Carrying On to you all!

10 thoughts on “Walrus in my Throat

  1. I think it’s perfectly fine to wallow in your own self-pity but it’s good also that you realize you do have much more good than bad. I often do the former and neglect on the latter.

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  2. Merry Carrying On. I like it. I think it’s good to pay attention to how you feel and what you need to do to process it. Sometimes we just have to feel bad, or mad, or sad, or whatever. Ignoring it or ‘bucking’ up resolves nothing. Merry Carrying On OceanBream.

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  3. Ah, Lenora. You are a trooper to embrace your pain honestly and then realize that the choice is yours as to how you will live your life. So much of it is about where you choose to look, what perspective you focus on, and where you put your energy. Life is both brutal and beautiful. May each day fill you with more and more of the beauty. Merry Carrying On ❀

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  4. Life is a continual challenge. Perspective is important, thus how each of us look at events differently. There is so much goodness in the world … every day … in every place … but one must take the time to look .. and that desire is in each of us. So on this Christmas Eve and in the spirit of the season, I wish you peace … peace today, tomorrow, and every day.

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    • Indeed it is. One learns it more and more as life goes on! But you’re right, it’s up to us to find the good in life, the positive, and ignore the negative πŸ™‚ Thank you so much, Frank. I wish you peace, happiness and prosperity, happy holidays!

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