Girl Walks into a Bar

Hello, good day, how can I help?

Yes, hi, can I have one Marriage on the rocks, please?

Sure. If you take a seat, I’ll bring it right over.

Thank you. Oh, and can I have a packet of frustration and irritability with that too? Salted, if you have any.

We only have spicy.

Oh, I like spicy frustration and irritability.

Do you still want the Marriage on the rocks with that? It doesn’t go so well with spice.

No, hmm, it doesn’t really does it?

No, ma’am.

Alright, I’ll have a Marriage on the Hold please instead.

With a shot of syrup?

For good measure, yes.

You need a bit of syrup to carry off the frustrations nicely, don’t you. Balances it all out, as it were.

Ahh, yes. When I have more time, I might get a Happy Marriage.

Oh, ma’am, it’s all here as and when you please. You just gotta ask.

Really, just ask, huh?

It’s that simple, ma’am. You might need to turn a blind eye to the little packets of frustration that come free, though. Nothing we can do about that, I’m afraid. Just grin and bear it. You can give it away, if you like.

Yes, my boss likes those.

Well there you go then.

Thank you.

You’re welcome. 

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