Dear March


Throwback to when my marriage was good and I lived in the countryside.

I’ve always loved March

Not only because I was born in this month

(although, you know, that’s a big reason)

Nor because March is fairer than May

(which it is. IT IS. ok?)

Nor because it is a beautiful word.



How pretty is that?

But no, not because of its pretty name.

But for the blooming thoughts

That winter is beginning to fade

Early signs of spring are showing

blossoms on trees


pale green buds on ebony branches

are opening their baby faces to the sky.

The world is waking up.

Things are happening.

March is the fringe of change.


Life is full of chaos.

Things don’t go right.

People shout, and slam doors

Because they don’t want to hear the truth

Families argue

Spouses become distant,

Fear settles in your heart

You feel lost,




Maybe you deal with all that by sleeping all day.

Ignoring people.

Escaping conflict by jumping from one house to the other.

Banging your head on the steering wheel as tears stream down your face.

I don’t know what to do.

I just don’t know.

And at the moment, I really don’t want to fix anything.

This March,

I don’t want to be twenty two.

I want to crawl back through the tunnel of time.

And be seven again.

Racing down hills

Snuggling into beautiful stories



No heartbreak

Not yet.

10 thoughts on “Dear March

  1. I add my happy birthday wishes for you this month.

    And…..whether you are 7 or not I highly recommend you:
    “Racing down hills

    Snuggling into beautiful stories



    Because those things still matter to your heart. πŸ™‚

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  2. Okay, I figured the ‘hilarious’ word-push-send-at-the-same-time was a bit serendipitous…so I came lurking through your blog and came upon a post about ‘March’ which was also my last post (well, if I get some time, it will soon be replaced by a more current post; we’ll see). Then I started lurking further and it just seems like we’re serendipitous-buds…I mean, bikes and the Beatles…what’s not to like? I’ll leave now and push the follow button!

    Liked by 1 person

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