Time Soars

Just finished reading the Lonely Londoners by Sam Selvon for my next assignment. When I logged onto the university website I realised it was due in five days, and my 4k word assignment in seven.

Where did time go? WHERE?

The book was mighty eye opening, and I didn’t understand why they didn’t go home even though they were lonely and unhappy. I mean, sure the money was an issue, but even those who raised it didn’t go home.

That is curious, see? It’s the idea of an illusion that they are still chasing, even after ten years (in the case of Moses). And I was suddenly gripped with the fear that what if I end up like that, always chasing my dreams but never quite getting there.

Well, the first step would be, of course, to ace this assignment, and then ace my exam.

‘Tis a sweltering day, folks, and the masses have left their humble abodes to parade about the city slowly peeling off their layers to reveal the pasty skin they have kept under wraps for the majority of this confusing season. But the temperatures have soared, and roofed places are stuffy, so sitting in this glass library which is acting like a green house is punishment enough.

Although I have to say I am enjoying dissecting Lonely Londoners.

Adieu, and happy Saturday, and Happy Mother’s Day to those celebrating today. We had ours back in March 🙂


11 thoughts on “Time Soars

    • It does, and as you get older it’s scarier. For example when I was around six, my mum would say, ‘you can play for another hour and then we have to go home,’ and that would be AGES. But now I’ve just had my lunch break and it’s been an hour. Thank you so much, Diane, I hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂

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  1. Reading your opening paragraph you reminded me of my daughter’s assignments in college. Last semester she had four papers to write and they were do just before finals. She was losing her mind, so I offered to read one of the books (on the great depression) and I wrote the five page paper for her. It alleviated her load. Best of luck to you. By the way I got an A- on my report.

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    • Oh it sure must be. Apparently the UK is in for a massive heatwave and frankly we are already feeling it. Not that I’m complaining, the sun is a sight for sore eyes 🙂 Thank you so much Colleen, for your well wishes and your faith in me 😛

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