I think I am ruining my marriage.

I don’t know how to be a wife. Hell, scrap that. I don’t know how to be a decent human in a relationship.

I think I have pushed things to the limits and I don’t know how to bring anything together. And it makes it worse because there is a severe lack of communication, or even the will to communicate. Because I always ruin everything. And I don’t know how I am ruining it because I am not told what I am doing wrong.

I know I am doing things wrong, though.

I just don’t know how to fix it.

Last year I thought marriage is hard. This year I wish I was in my shoes from last year.


5 thoughts on “Marriage.

  1. If someone is not giving you feedback, that is not a one-way thing. No one person can magic up solutions and dialogue. All that said, regardless of how it all breaks down, it is a sad place to be. *hugs*

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  2. This hurts. I’ve had previous relationships where I “knew” I was doing something “wrong” but I had no idea what it was because ‘he’ wouldn’t tell me. Took a long time to realize someone else being unhappy with me does not mean I was doing anything ‘wrong’ at all.

    Good luck OB. It’s hard to know others hurt like this.

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    • Colleen, I thank you for your warm thoughts. Sometimes it is very very hard to navigate the human mind and its interactions. And sometimes one says and does things one doesn’t mean, and it is vicious circle. But you know, whatever happens, things always turn out okay in the end. Life would not be life without some form of suffering and pain. This is why life is not perfect 🙂


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