Pondering the ‘Point’.

Sometimes, in my mind, I want to be this glamorous lady wearing high heels, manicured nails gleaming some classy nude colour, makeup on point, hair glossy and thick and cascading down my back, wearing something elegant and effortlessly beautiful, climbing into a pretty little fiat 500 or a purple mini cooper. I know life isn’t all about appearance and looks, but sometimes I just want to be that.

I really do.

It’s not so much for attention as it is for this inner feeling of satisfaction.

I think this, walking down the road, and then I am suddenly halted with another, sharper thought; What’s the point of doing all that if you’re just going to die one day?

Morbid, I know.

But what IS the point?

Usually, when that thought interrupts my reverie of glamour, I turn my mind to different things. But today I decided to explore it a little more. Maybe I was feeling more in touch with my spirituality. Or something.

This is what I came up with:

What IS the point of spending a lot of one’s time just to look glamorous for a few hours? Life is short. By that logic, one would say, yes life IS short, so spend it doing something that makes you happy. Right? Except, no, wrong. I think that life is short so I should spend it doing the right thing. Like, I could be doing so many more important things in the three hours it would take to fluff up my hair and paint my face and tweeze every inch of my body.

I could be doing something more worthwhile. Something I would be glad I did when I am dead. Because I believe that once I am dead, I will wish I spent my life doing things that would help me after I die.

I can still make an effort and look good, of course. It’s not like I’m saying you never should. I just feel that I perhaps shouldn’t dedicate a lot of my thoughts as to how I will. And maybe focus on internal peace.

I know it sounds so fairy-taley to some people. But that is how I honestly feel.

10 thoughts on “Pondering the ‘Point’.

  1. Doesn’t sound fairy-taley to me at all, Lenora. I used to work in hospice and spent a lot of time with dying people. Not one of them ever talked about shoes or lipstick or nice cars. They talked about people. They talked about relationships and feelings, love and regret, friendship and disappointment, successes and failures, and the differences they made in the lives of others and the world.

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  2. I think it’s totally natural to want to look good. I think as human beings we have an in-built desire for beauty and order, which extends to how we look. Unfortunately, none of us are perfect. I doubt there are many people who are totally satisfied with how they look, and even if they are, beauty and order may be lacking in other parts of their life. The important thing, I think, is to keep these desires in perspective. Keep thinking of what you really want, deep down, in life, and why. What are the most important things to you, and why? I would love to be always happy with what I see in the mirror, but more than that I want love in my life. To have love and to have experienced it. And I want to create art. That is how I find beauty and meaning in my life. Just my thoughts – you’ve struck a chord with me here.

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