Hello, world.

I just want to put this quietly out there. This video is one that resonates with me on an extremely personal level. Almost word for word.

I know a lot of people have gone through this sort of experience. But it is good to share the feelings.

A few years ago, Something Big happened to me. It changed who I am fundamentally, and left me a lot more vulnerable and scarred. Ultimately I did learn a tremendous deal from that experience, but it has changed me on such a deep emotional level that I am noticing the change every day in my life, every single day. Everyday I am reminded that I am stunted because of what happened, bile and nausea have become a part of my existence.

I have moved on. I am happier, of course. But I know, deep down, that I will never have the joyful abandon I had before The Thing.

I was a different person before it. And I am sad because I don’t like who I’ve become because of it, because I know that the child I was then would not have grown into the adult I am now. And that, to me, is pretty hard to think about.

This video is very short. But it is very well articulated. And if you have ever experienced something like this, well, know that you aren’t alone.

10 thoughts on “Destiny.

  1. That was powerful, Lenora. What a gift for Carrie to share her story. I know it’s poor comfort, but for me, the two devastating experiences in my life ultimately made me a more compassionate person and gave me a greater appreciation for the poignancy of love and life. Do I wish those things had never happened? Hell, yeah! But I can’t turn back time, no matter how hard I wish it. My only choice is to defy them, to gather all the good stuff of life around me and march forward. In time, the experience turns into wisdom and the march turns into a dance, my friend.

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    • ‘The experience turns to wisdom and the march turns into a dance’ – so beautifully said, Diana. Thank you, so much, for stopping by and leaving your bit of positivity and strength. You are so right, I feel like I am still hurting, but I am noticing small things in my attitude towards life and people – more compassion, maybe? Thank you ❀

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