Lady Frost

It snowed on Sunday.

It was the most beautiful moment. The flakes floated down softly, yet vastly, and blanketed the world in white silence. It continued this way, muffling the earth and quieting the anxiety.

It settled in mounds, neatly covering surfaces, polite enough not to transgress corners too sharply.

Then the night set in. The skies were clear and bright, deceivingly normal. They told no secrets, and never whispered of the harsh frost that slid down over the snow, beads of icy diamond, crystal hand running smoothly over the world, leaving trails of black ice and hardening the surface of the globe.





Tendrils of bitter cold snaking through the streets, splaying over the pathways, freezing around the condensation on doors, cracking in the locks and stubbornly welding things together.

The world was so beautiful come morning. White and blue, a clear sky in stages of brightening colour, black, bare boughs against soft blues and yellows of a mellow sky.

The snow didn’t melt, it stayed in the same way in which it settled, untouched, with a dangerous glint to its surface.

And pavements were deadly, and cars crackled on the road as they inched oh so slowly around corners.

Frost is the most beautiful and majestic creature, she changes the world so marvellously, but to love her is to prick one’s finger on a flowering rose bush. She is deceivingย and devious. She is only good in sips, the rest of the time one spends peering at her through heavy hoods or the cloudy window from the warmth of one’s home.



10 thoughts on “Lady Frost

      • The snow brought life to a standstill in the south. After all, they don’t have the resources on hand to deal with it. Then again, it’s gone a day later so life goes on.

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      • I saw on various social media platforms that the South had their fair share of fun in the snow! ๐Ÿ™‚ Life does go on indeed – it might be bothersome at the time but it so rarely happens that I say enjoy it! I don’t get why people complain when it rarely happens here, but the British are, if anything, MARVELLOUS at complaining about the weather! Nobody complains about the weather quite as well as an Englishman ๐Ÿ˜€

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      • Two factors to remember in places that rarely get snow … yes, enjoy the oddity …. the other aspect is that not knowing how to drive in it or avoiding driving is an inconvenience (although temporary).

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      • Oh absolutely – I don’t think anyone’s cars are equipped to handle the icy roads, a lot of us worked from home because we didn’t want to risk the treacherous journey into work (myself included)!

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    • Thank you Diana! The snow is the most beautiful weather system out there, to be honest, and I concur quite completely about the playing and the fire – have a safe and happy holiday too! ๐Ÿ™‚ And thank you for stopping by.

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