Fireworks in the Sky

Explosions in the sky. Bright colours cascading their light like thousands of stars, only louder and more vicious. Like thunder, with clouds that drift away. Erratic, and always risky.

Perceived with happiness and joy on one end of the globe, and terror and fear on another.

Perceived with welcoming eyes, children staying up late to welcome the new year.

Perceived with dread and gut wrenching pain, houses torn to pieces and babies under mountains of rubble.

Heaving loss.

Brilliant eyes.

Souls ripped apart.

Eager excitement.


Of good things to come.

Of loved ones never to be seen again.

17 thoughts on “Fireworks in the Sky

    • Tis indeed the way of life, Colleen! It’s amazing, billions of us on this vessel traveling through space, yet so far removed from each other. My youngest brother (he is 11) and I were watching the fireworks from the bedroom window, and he is obsessed with World War 2, so he pointed out how only 80 years ago, these same explosions in the same British skies meant something so much different. It really made me think how in the present, in the same atmosphere, a very different story is happening. Thank you for stopping by, Colleen, I wish you all the best in this year to come! 🙂


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