Don’t Cry

You’re so noisy.

Don’t speak, don’t breathe.

Heavily behind me.

Through your nose.

Long toes. nails. Harsh.

Scratchy voice, cackling.

And heat under an old green coat.

You’re so noisy.

Don’t tell me I’m wrong.

Don’t fake your beliefs, to make me happy, and then curse what I believe, when you’re tired of the lies.

Don’t swear

don’t SHOUT

Don’t breathe, just stop. Stop breathing. Just sleep.

Don’t blame, don’t bemoan, don’t lament. I am not your beacon of happiness.

I am not made to suffer your fury, your happiness, your pain.

I am human.

And when I leave, don’t cry.

You’re so noisy.

I want out.


I’m scared to go

Because you think you’re entitled to me.

You’re so noisy

So ill

so broken.

When i LEAVE

Fix your bones

don’t smoke.

And for heaven’s sake, don’t cry.

Don’t cry.

Those hacking sobs

those tears

not of pain

but of bitter selfishness.


N.B. this was real. not is. a v long time ago. thank goodness.


Image credit: Carmen Renn

10 thoughts on “Don’t Cry

      • I feel like I could, to many lines, in different aspects. These lines “I am not made to suffer your fury, your happiness, your pain. I am human.” Took me to one part of my life. It’s like I bounced around in memories as I read this. Very powerful.

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      • I am sad that you could relate to that, but I also sat back and thought, in a way, we are who we are because of the things that happened to us. And you are one positive, inspirational person, so one can only assume you took all the negativity in your life and made it do a backflip, so you only radiate good things. I wish you well, Colleen. 🙂


      • You are kind OB. I have come a long way to be able to take anything negative and do as you say, a backflip (which by the way I love that description). I wish I had learned to do it much earlier in life!!! But, then again, it’s part of my road. 🙂

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