North Africa

Hi, folks.

I have not been blogging at all lately. I have not read any blogs, nor have I written anything for some weeks now.

I have just been dragging myself on to work and back to home and sighing and moaning and crying for my mummy, nursing this perpetual nausea.

I saw a scan of the baby inside me but I did not feel anything, because I don’t believe it has a soul until 4 months. Some people would disagree and think me heartless, but we all believe what we believe. It had a heartbeat, for sure, but that does not signify anything. I am pleased, of course, and hope and pray for its safety and life, but I am under a perpetual cloud of misery so all other thoughts are sitting at the back of the cupboard watching cartoons for now.


I don’t really have much of much to say!

How are you today?

The weather has brightened considerably in England. By ‘brightened’, I just mean that it has become fresher and cleaner, and green things have grown through the sparse straw yellow. The heatwave appears to have taken its leave. Good riddance I say!

I went away to North Africa for a few days where I spent some time by the sea and in a pool. I did not feel sick there, despite the morbid heat and the sizzling electric wires. As soon as I set foot on British soil the sickness came back in full force.

‘Huh,’ my mother said, nonchalant, ‘this baby must be a North African baby’. Lord knows it has North African and Mediterranean roots aplenty.

My mother is impatient with me. Get over it, she says, it will all be worth it in the end. She makes me my favourite meals and gets my siblings to bring it to me on a plate. They all oblige, much to my shock.

‘It isn’t for you,’ my mama says, kindly, ‘it’s for the baby.’

Nice to know I am so very loved.


Photo taken by me of the sunset over the mediterranean sea.

14 thoughts on “North Africa

  1. It sounds like it was good for you to get away. Perhaps, you need another little trip.

    Sorry to hear you are not at your best. Being a little lethargic is okay. Unfortunately, people tend to be a little less mindful with expectant mothers. Everything is always for the baby.
    But know that you ste important as well. Take your time and rest. Whenever you decide to post, we will be here to read it.
    Wishing YOU all the best.
    Be happy. Be well.

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  2. Oh I want to say something encouraging! My daughter is pregnant, a couple of months further along than you. She has been SO very sick. All I can do is ask her how she is feeling each day because I know I can’t ‘do’ anything. It has gotten better this past month for her, but it’s still difficult being so tired and sick for so long. My heart goes out to you OB!

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  3. That nausea is awful, Lenora. But it will pass, eventually! Keep your spirits up and don’t worry about blogging – not worth it. Relax, indulge, rest, laugh, love, sing, because that is the best way to prepare for mommyhood. ❀

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    • I honestly wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy! You’re completely right, ‘rest, laugh, love, sing’ πŸ™‚ That is what my mother does and so I shall take heed. Thank you for your lovely comment, and I hope you are doing well!

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