On Type

Today I felt like just picking up my pen and writing something. By pen I mean, of course, my figurative pen. Does anybody write their writings with real pens nowadays?

Since I took up typing as the default means to save my thoughts down, my handwriting has become atrocious. I do keep a journal and sometimes, reading back, I can barely read what I’ve written! Do you reckon proper handwriting is a dying art?

Back when I was a mite or a tot or a youngling, I used to write with pens a plenty. I hated the keyboard because it took so long to find all the letters and by the time I had, the words had vamoosed from my mind.

Sometimes you just gotta get those words down before they go, and keyboards back then just didn’t cut it – mostly because I was inexperienced and we got our first family PC (a large bottomed affair) when I was 10. Now I can type quicker than I can write, and writing gives me wrist-ache!

Not to mention, of course, the tediousness of having to type up everything you have written, meaning you’re spending double the amount of time writing the same thing.

Apparently they now have these new technological pens that literally scan handwriting into text. So you just run it over what you’ve written, like a highlighter, and it scans the sentences into text format on a screen for you. How marvellous is that?! It’s relatively new and you can only get it in the US for about 80$ but look how the world is changing.

Do you prefer to type your writings, or pen them down as the great writers of yore would have done?

15 thoughts on “On Type

  1. I used to have to write it all out in ink first, but then I went to work for a newspaper and there was no time to do that. I had to learn to type as I thought. It wasn’t easy at first, but now it’s all I do.

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  2. My handwriting has also gotten worse. Nonetheless, I still use pen and paper for some of my posts – either collecting notes or the initial draft. However, it eventually transfers into an electronic file. Hope all is well.

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      • I don’t always use pen and paper – but mainly do when I’m away from my laptop. However, I also draft on a computer. Pen and paper come in handy during down times at work, on a plane, at a hotel, etc. Better? … probably electronically because typing is faster than writing. However, quick notes with a pen is helpful!

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