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  1. Ah, a hard thing to do in this world, but worth it, Lenora. It’s like giving up sugar – really hard to do because of the cravings, but once you adjust, it’s good. It’s better. My blog is my social media, and at times, even that is too much for me. I’ve deleted a lot of accounts mostly because I don’t use them, which leaves me stressed out that I should! I hope you find other pleasures invading your freed up time. BTW (I know this is ironic but…) there are some great ideas on the internet for “how to quit social media.” They make it sound like the best thing since chocolate! Good luck. You’re inspiring.

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    • Yes, it is exactly like giving up sugar, and it’s so strange, but I guess social media, for some people, is like sugar for the brain, because it is an addiction? I never really saw WordPress as social media, for some reason, there is something more tangible about it, and less toxic than other social media platforms! I guess it’s because there is a sense of community, and sharing, with blogging. Thanks for your wonderful input, I am going to look up ‘how to quit social media’ online, haha, now that I have more free time to do so 🙂

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  2. You’re right: social media won’t fix a sense of emptiness. I deleted my Facebook account last summer (I think. It may have been earlier than that, I’ve lost track of time now I’m not constantly staring at all the excess) and am very glad I did, but it was a bit strange to start with. I didn’t have other social media accounts (haven’t had for years) and, apart from blogging, don’t really feel the need for it. That said, I’ve a ‘butterfly mind’ and often go spare if I don’t have enough stimulation, so generally I find it by reading other people’s blogs and thinking about things. Other stuff as well, of course, but nothing like the overwhelming input of FB and its ilk.

    It’d be nice if people behaved still like they did in the past, but they don’t. I don’t know why – suspicion? Fear? That said, unlike you, where I lived when I was younger, there weren’t friendly neighbours and so I didn’t really experience that connection. I guess I mostly got the connections from family instead and of course family are a different kettle of fish!

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    • It is something to wonder about, why people aren’t like how they were in the past. But you know, we will probably know the reason in about 10 years’ time, it certainly has to do with this high-speed technological age – maybe people don’t feel the need to interact as much as they did before, because their nearest and dearest are always a click of an app away? Whereas before, there were only letters and expensive telephone calls, so one had to rely more on the people one was surrounded by? Either way, I think it is sad that a sense of community seems to have been lost in this society. I know it is not just me who thinks so, the BBC did a feature recently saying that young people in the UK are now far lonelier than the old folk, and it has become somewhat of an epidemic! Thank you for stopping by and sharing you valuable thoughts, they have given me much to think about 🙂

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  3. Social media causes more problems than it cures. I try to limit my social media time (except Word Press 😉 ), but I’m not sure if I could do that clean break. Maybe I will… I think ti is a great thing, getting your time back.

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    • I completely agree, that it causes more problems than it cures. It was just making me incredibly unhappy! One of the biggest reasons why it took so long for me to call it quits was because I was worried I would lose contact with my friends and family – but I realised that those who really did want to keep in contact would continue to message and call me via the ‘conventional’ means – i.e. text and the call feature!! 🙂 If you ever do call it quits, I would like to know how you get on! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this 🙂

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  4. Interesting post.
    I think I may have disturbed some friends when I ignored all types of tecnology over my holiday season. Totally, ignored my blog over the break. Didn’t respond to a single email. No TV or news. Only took phone calls from my daughter and no ne else. Just lived life the way it was before all of these smart phones and social media.

    It felt great. I gave up Facebook when I started blogging. Never missed it. Social media is filled with envy, haters, and negativity.

    I hope this effort your are maiking brings you comfort and joy. I also hope this means you will have more time to blog. You go away and you always stay away too long.

    Happy 2019. I hope this new year brings you and everyone w=you love infinite happiness, inspiration, warmth, and love.

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    • Sometimes you just need some time completely to yourself to just reflect and be alive, without the distractions! Those who truly care for you will understand 🙂 You’re right, there is a lot of negativity and envy on social media, and sometimes I feel it far outweighs the positivity that is there. People feel free to say what they like to people who they cannot see. This effort is indeed bringing me much comfort and much more ease of mind. Thank you for your lovely comment, happy 2019 to you too, and I hope it brings you the same, my friend 🙂


  5. Social media can be consuming. As for me, I’m not on any of those – only blogging. That way I’m not too consumed with all the tools – just one – and only one set of cyber-friends. Fortunately, I’ve connect with many good people. People who I enjoy and they seem to enjoy can do. – even if one if consuming great amounts of news and not interacting. Meanwhile, one suggestion – identify the locations of the happiness.

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    • Agreed, Frank! That is also why I enjoy blogging far more than scrolling mindlessly through social media, and I am glad I have left it now. I miss it less every day – and I like your last line ‘identify the locations of the happiness’. Stay where you feel happiest! 🙂 I hope you are well, my friend.


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