black and white

15th post – playing catch up.

Black and white is actually a very exciting concept for me, full of opportunities. Something about staying within the constrains of such a vivid contrast of colour.

A black and white floor, a black and white house. Black and white. A chess board. Piano keys. A crossword puzzle, dice, some newspapers, footballs (soccer balls to you Americans out there!).

Penguins, zebras, pandas, orcas, skunks, Dalmatians, cows and ermines.

The possibilities are endless because when you mix different volumes of black and white paint together you get a multitude of greys. Dark white and light black.

Malory Blackman’s Noughts and Crosses series is an interesting observation of the tumult within society when it comes to race, only in her universe the whites are the prosecuted ones and the blacks are living it up.

What about the colours in between? For example I am yellow – a mix of different races, not white nor black. Where do I fall in? To be honest I still feel ostracised in mostly-white towns. That’s England for you.

Again, not everything is black and white. Nothing is, in fact. Unless you’re thinking of penguins, but even penguins can be grey, have orangey beaks and feet and of course their insides would be red.

What comes to your mind when you think of black and white?



4 thoughts on “black and white

  1. My kitchen floor. Ha ha. I prefer to see all the shades of gray, Lenora, everything nuanced.

    When I was in counseling we had paint samples (scores of them) from the hardware store, all in possible skin colors. We were supposed to choose the one that best matched our skin. My coworkers had wonderful colors: mocha sunshine, porcelain vase, chocolate parfait, Mediterranean glow. I swear mine was “wet plaster.” Lol. The point of the exercise was that we were ALL different. No one was black or white. 🙂

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    • Haha, I like a black and white kitchen floor. As for the exercise, I think that is absolutely wonderful of whoever came up with the concept. We are all different and unique and a million different shades – we should revel in our differences 🙂 Thank you for sharing that.

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