I am 25 and my right knee gets stiff and hurts when I sit for too long.

I don’t think it means I am old. I think it means I am not active enough. A smart person would create a goal and an action plan to combat that before they DID get old, and it became a real issue, rather than a minor hindrance. I think I am smart, but then I keep doing un-smart things. So I don’t know if there will be an action plan. Let’s wait and see. *peers into the future*

A week from today is the UK general election. The UK have been doing some very stupid things lately. Or maybe I have just reached mental maturity and now understand that all politics is stupid and we have always been doing stupid things. They say mental maturity is reached at 24 years of age, and that until then your brain is still growing and learning. Not to say that the brain doesn’t still grow and learn after that age, but that is the age at which most things solidify.

I can tell you honestly that the latest politics have taught me that everything is run by egos. Leaders are not intelligent, they are confident.

People will buy any kind of faeces. Look at America, and how they decided to buy into Trump. Well, we bought into his lookalike, Boris Johnson, and most people will certainly buy into him again because Jeremy Corbyn hates Jews. What a sodding pile of soggy excrement.

Hating Israel does not mean you hate Jews. I love Jews. But I hate Zionists because they pillage Palestinian land and use their children as human shields, whilst claiming their army is the best because it is vegan and cruelty free. Anyway. I digress.

Has the UK gone to the bins before? I am sure it has. Will it go to the bins again? Certainly.

I just hope this time the bins are the recycling kind that don’t smell too bad.

God help us all.

12 thoughts on “Politics

  1. Oh Lenora … Our political situations are so similar. Our elected officials work for the party, the money behind the party, and the money behind their campaigns. If they ever had the inkling of doing what is right, they would face losing the next election – something they cannot endure.

    Meanwhile, get yourself active. Do something for yourself. Simply a small part of each day. Your handles are full with a little one, but I see moms walking and even running in the neighborhood pushing a stroller. I’m not saying take up running, but even taking regular brisk walks will be helpful.

    Keep smiling!

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    • That is exactly it, Frank. I was listening to a politician on the radio the other day who was asked a blunt question about politicians being greedy and having different agendas and his response was so feeble, along the lines of ‘well EVERYBODY who goes into politics does so because they want to make a positive change blah blah blah’. Based on what I have seen, that is such a naive thing to say. Who buys that rubbish? Also, yes, I fully agree! I must get myself active even if it’s just a brisk walk around the park 🙂 Thank you for your thoughtful insight! Pleasure as always.


  2. The US is a total mess, Lenora, and perhaps the hardest thing for me to accept is the large number of Americans who believe that child abuse, poverty, racism, lies, and all-around cruelty are just fine. Otherwise, how could they support a monster like Trump? I’m so sorry that your leaders are sewn of the same cloth. It’s depressing. 😦 But you are not alone.

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    • Yes I wholeheartedly agree. It doesn’t help that the media does not shed light on these things, and the homeless and poverty crisis in America, so it ends up that even the disadvantaged are voting for parties who are not on their side. It is the same here in the UK, they ignore the fact that since the conservatives came into power nearly 10 years ago, the homeless crises has tripled, more children are living in poverty than ever before, and there has been a tremendous surge in food banks opening all over the country. All we can do is hope, and vote, and try our best 😦

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  3. The accusation that the Labour Party is antisemitic drives me nuts. I’m Jewish, so I’m relatively bulletproof on this subject. Yes, there’s antisemitism in the Labour Party. How would there not be? There’s antisemitism in the culture. Look for it and you’ll find it in the Lib Debs and (probably much more heavily) in the Conservatives, who are openly racist but that doesn’t seem to raise the same hackles. You’re right that disagreeing with Israel is not the same as being antisemitic.

    I could rant on endlessly, but I’ll stop. The whole thing infuriates me.

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    • I concur! You’re absolutely right. I’ve listened to a lot of radio interviews where people are disillusioned with the labour party because of antisemitism and yet they have seen no evidence for it and are going by hearsay.. if they bothered to look deeper they would see exactly what you’ve said, antisemitism (or even recognising and addressing it) IS rooted in the left-wing culture. I am pretty sure Boris, who is homophobic, islamophobic and lots of other-phobic, has antisemitic tendencies. Anyway, you just don’t know who is telling the truth these days, what with people guarding their words and telling sweet lies.


      • I won’t swear that every word out of the Labour Party is 600% truth, but if I lived anyplace they stood a chance (I don’t–I’m in north Cornwall), I’d vote Labour. They’re miles ahead of anyone else.

        As it is, I’m very, very (veryveryvery) reluctantly voting Lib Dem. It doesn’t make me happy, but at least they’re not the Conservatives.

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      • Good grief no. Not a single one of those parties is 100% truthful but we gotta vote for who we think will treat this country best. Whether or not Corbyn is good for the job is another story, but there!

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