What We Attract

Interestingly, the world still appears to be falling apart in 2020. Nothing has changed. Everybody is still carrying on. Keeping on keeping on.

Do you think these days will be read about in history books? Will my grandkids ask me what I was doing when Brexit happened?

Yes dear, I was eating my crumpets and having my tea and planning to add toilet roll to next week’s shopping list. I expect when Germany went down in WWII people were cooking dinner and serving up rationed potatoes, just like any other day.

People just keep on keeping on, because, honestly, what else is there to do?

Other than be informed and try to help as much as one can by spreading awareness and donations and showing love. It’s easy to show love when love abounds, and hard to show love when all you see is moody hatred.

I live in Crewe, as I have said a million times, and more often than not, in this awful town, I experience negativity. There is a lot of poverty and uncouthness here, so when I am greeted nicely or experience something good from someone, I am genuinely surprised.

I think you also attract what you put out. I generally go about my day very negatively. Stressed and frustrated and expecting people to swear at me. The other day at the post office, I had a mountain of parcels to post and my boy began to cry in his pram as I was halfway through dealing with the cashier. The queue behind me grew longer and heavier and more impatient, the air became muggy and hot and I was sweltering under my coat and imagined my son must also be doing the same which is why he was fussing. He began to bawl loudly and the cashier next to mine said to the customer behind me, ‘If we could get that young man to SHUT UP, I could help you better’.

Folks, I was mortified and ashamed and stressed and upset. I was doing my best to finish my business quickly and hush my son simultaneously, and a bit of empathy would have meant the world. In that moment the heat of shame and anger crept around my face and as soon as I snatched my receipt I stormed out, muttering about how I despise Crewe and every single filthy, uncouth, ill-mannered, insensitive, horrible chav in this depressing grey shitty town.


I felt ashamed afterwards for saying those things because it made me no better than they were.

Do we really attract what we put out?

16 thoughts on “What We Attract

  1. I think in many ways we put out a vibe that gets us similar vibes in return. But when dealing with little ones it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and tough to exude a sunshiny attitude. I wish I’d been there. I’d have smiled and done my best to help you.

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    • Yes exactly! Lol, you always start off with good intentions but there is only so much whining and fussing you can take. To be honest I too have felt annoyed when a kid is kicking off but I would never say anything or show my annoyance because it isn’t my place and it is nobody’s fault! Kids do things like that. And thank you so much for your kind words of support… if you had been there it would have been a much more cheerful day!

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  2. It is so difficult to not react to ignorance, rudeness, and lack of care for our fellow humans. I don’t get why we can’t rise to a higher level in this modern world. What is wrong with people that they seem to like behaving in such a manner when we all know better.

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    • Yes yes!! Exactly, Frank. I think a lot of hardship in one town makes the collective consciousness of that town a little edgy.. and that’s what’s happened to Crewe! Here’s to effort and awareness 🙂 Thank you for your input!

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  3. Reacting like that to a baby fussing (or anything else so ordinary and normal) says a lot about the person doing it. Must have been on the edge and any little thing would push them over. Not your fault, but I know it’s hard not to take things like that personally. Sometimes people are miserable and want everyone else to be the same. Dumb kind of sharing, right? Hugs to you and baby.

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  4. I think we do ‘attract’ or reflect positive and negative energies. But I also think that over time we develop ways to change that reflection. We don’t want to be ‘that’ so we stop that cycle of attraction and reflection. I’m sorry there was no one there who smiled with understanding at you (because we’ve ALL been there with little ones) and said “it’s okay we’re all doing the best we can” and offer a hand or encouraged you.

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