On unwinding

At the end of a long and exhausting day, when your body is battered and shattered, sometimes you just want to flop into bed and close your eyes on the world.


But sometimes it’s necessary to unwind a little. Let the day’s happenings trip gently through your mind, so you can pick them up with ease, turn them over, mull over them.

I like to do this by thoroughly cleaning my kitchen so it gleams, and then getting my old baking bowl out that my grandmother had in her kitchen for a good forty years. I get my whisk, the spoon, and my measuring cups. The ingredients needed for something warm and sweet and delicious.

Turn the oven on.

And I measure out the ingredients and as I do so, my mind stops racing. It slows down to a jog. Looks behind it. Nobody. Looks in front. Nothing to catch up on. Just flour in a nice soft mound in an old baking bowl. A whisk catching glints of light from the warm spotlights above. An egg cracking into the bowl, running in a little hydrophobic river down the jagged edge of the flour mountain and settling itself in a small valley on the edge.

As I mix and pour and whisk and lick the spoon, my mind stops racing and some sort of grounding happens.

I think and stir, I plan and pour, I contemplate and scrape.

How do you unwind after a particularly stressful and exhausting day?

This is the result of my unwinding baking session.

6 thoughts on “On unwinding

  1. Physical activity is a great way to calm yourself. If you are worried, it can help you to think of other things. I also like to cook and I find baking or creating a new recipe for my family as a major tactic to leave issues behind you for a while.

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    • Your way of relaxing sounds absolutely marvellous, Diana. ‘The sun through the trees, the forest darken’. Wow. All my life I have wanted to live near a forest and open fields … one day maybe! Reading is ALWAYS a great way to relax… unless you’re reading a particularly anxiety-inducing book haha!

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    • Hahahaha this made me laugh because that is the exact thing I would pick out too! I have got to say, this is the second time I have ever used this brand new muffin tray and I give it a couple more times before the blackened spots appear and it starts to resemble the rest of my baking pans. Lol.

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