A strange thing happens to me when I come to visit family.

I seem to lose all the will to live.

I start to just exist between moments.

It gets so dark and gloomy that I eventually break down, and I don’t know why that is happening.

It mostly happens when I visit my family through marriage.

They are very nice people. But I think I suffered some trauma at their hands. So whenever I come back here, a deep desolation befalls me.

Combine that with ill children and a nasty sore throat… my goodness the floodgates open.

Well. I will be seeing my own family tomorrow, so we will see what delights that will hold.

One thought on “Fams

  1. I completely understand. Given my childhood I have decided that I don’t have to endure such horrible triggers too often. I was hurt enough to last a lifetime by the time I was seventeen, so I don’t deal well with messy. I say, you are a kindred spirit, that is insightful and has a sixth sense for what ever reason. You are likely like me in that I bet your heart is exposed and worn on your sleeve. Protect that heart because everyone deserves to be treated kindly. Sending you bunches of hugs and love and a basket full of hot cocoa, books, and some fairies to sing for you when you are having your hot drink with your family and the end of the evening. Love You, Joni

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