I hate the news.

I hate the news.

I hate the news so much that sometimes I mindlessly scroll through it while my chest tightens. I roll my eyes and tut and my breathing becomes shallower and the sun sets behind me and the breaths I hear from the chests of my children grow slower, deeper.

And it’s dark, pitch black, my screen an illuminated rectangle in the gloom around me, shadows of furniture rising up in silent protest.

What’s wrong with living in the present.

What’s wrong with asking the neighbour if they were the ones who chopped all that offensive ivy in your back garden while you were away for a week.

Like that is the biggest news of the week, and not the bombs dropping on all the countries around the globe, their children starving to death, their big devastated eyes beseeching from behind the screen.

And you like and share and rant away.

Charity groups accept payments and then screech into your email inbox several times a day, several different names, screaming until your ears pop that these children need you and that their tents are filled with snow and water and they’re all sick sick sick and have no homes and are starving to death so please help.

Heartless, you are, if you want to switch off and focus on your life for a bit.




What do you do? Wither in pain for all the pain and suffering in the world?

Somebody said you have to take care of yourself and turn off the bad news because you won’t be able to live in the present, dead birds and dead children and soulless eyes and manic leaders. How can you live though, while they don’t?

And the thought always pushes its way through red raging chaos;

The thought that what if we say too much bad news is not good to avoid helping, to selfishly continue to live our peaceful lives in blissful gluttony.

What is the truth, really.

4 thoughts on “I hate the news.

  1. There are no easy answers…. It is better to be at least somewhat informed and understand what is happening than being ignorant, but you have a right to live your life and not be drug down by the stone of all that is going on in the world. A tough balance.

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    • It is better to know what is going on, for sure. But where do you stop? Where do you draw the line? Is there a benefit to ignoring it and trying to live your life as well? I agree there has to be a fine fine balance. Can’t be complacent either, I think we are also accountable- if we live in relative comfort – to give something back to the world. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Trent. 🙂

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      • As I said, not an easy one… I spend too much time on the news and go from depressed to angry and back again, yet there is little I can do (yes, there are things, and I’ve done some of them, but…) Anyway, good luck in finding a good balance that works for you!

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  2. This is also how I feel, Lenora. It seems obscene to smile and take a shower, eat dinner and go grocery shopping while a whole country is being demolished, men, women, and children brutally murdered. The suffering is soul-slaying. How to bear up? I don’t know except to do what I can right now… which is to be as loving as I possibly can. Our empathy is necessary as is our sorrow and outrage, and so is teaching our children about love and kindness and gratitude and forgiveness, because one day they will shape our world.


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