In Retrospect

Sometimes after a big massive fight I go away to Retrospect.

And in Retrospect, my glasses become clean. Images are sharper, crisper. The air is tantalising and if I stick my tongue out, I can taste everything. The breeze, the way the birds fly, the blossom petal on a wind current. Everything.

My regret because I pushed it.

My sadness because I pulled at it. Nitpicked it. Wanted to fight at the beach. Get it off my chest. But in doing so, it was hammering his chest.

Don’t go to bed cross, they say. I never do. Maybe I need to visit Retrospect before I try to get things off my chest in the moment.

Retrospect has a fantastic way of making you make mature decisions with your tongue.

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5 thoughts on “In Retrospect

  1. Oh, boy, does this post hit me right in the heart today. I could do with more of my own early, pre-doing-the-regrettable visits to Retrospect.

    (I’m also pretty awed by how succinctly you captured this!)

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    • Sending love your way, Deborah. I guess Retrospect is something we could all benefit from, that’s why it’s called that. But we keep moving forward, I think the key is reparation and trying to always improve. Thank you for stopping by, I wish you well ❤

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