Cuppa Tea

Are you fussy about your tea?

(or coffee).

First, what do you call your cup of tea? Just tea? Or are you like my mum, ‘Ooooh I need a cuppa,’ as she sits down after a trip to town.

Are you more northern, and need a ‘brew’ to perk you up for the rest of the day?

‘I can’t have anything sweet,’ a friend told me yesterday, ‘else I’ll need a brew with it.’

A brew, I mused, a brew. How homely does that sound!

I call my tea just plain tea. I am not from the south like my mum, because I grew up in another country. I am not from the north, I just live here. My accent is different; I say ‘dinner’ instead of ‘tea’ and ‘lunch’ instead of ‘dinner’. So I just have plain old tea.

My husband makes rubbish tea. Sometimes when he makes me tea I have to wait for him to disappear so I can pour it down the sink and make a fresh one.

Tea bag in, one teaspoon of sugar. Pour boiling water on top, let sit for a good 3-5 minutes to ‘brew’ (maybe Northerners call it ‘brew’ because like their tea strong?), then a glug of milk, a good stir, teabag out, another thorough stir and bob’s your second cousin.

My husband loves my tea. Says I make the best tea he has ever had. I don’t know if that is a ploy to keep me making him tea.

He has to have something sweet with his tea. His favourite biscuit is the chocolate chip shortbread. Mine is a viennese whirl. Yum. Or a viennese chocolate finger.

My mum likes to dunk chocolate digestives in tea.

When we were small, she would give us a biscuit and we could dunk it in her tea.

‘Can I dip my biscuit in your tea?’ we would ask, whenever we saw her sit down with a mug.

How do you like your tea? And do you have something to go with it? Do you like tea with company? Or a book? Or a scenic scene? Or just by yourself on a sunny afternoon or raining evening?

Image Credit: Laura A Farrar

19 thoughts on “Cuppa Tea

  1. Tea is ‘best’ in many forms ;). I like early morning when no one else is awake. Simply brewed. No milk. I like evening, with a shortbread/hard cookie (biscuit). I have different teas for iced tea, feeling poorly, etc. But the best is a good cup of Irish Breakfast Tea. πŸ™‚

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  2. I just call it tea too, Lenora. And I doubt my tea is made properly since it never comes out the same way twice. We really only drink it in the winter to warm up on a cold afternoon or evening. Someday I’ll head to the UK and have a proper cup of tea. πŸ™‚

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    • That made me chuckle, that its never come out the same way twice! They do say though that great cooks can never make a dish the same way twice πŸ™‚ I hope you do head over to the UK to have a proper cup of tea. If you ever head up North, I would be very happy to welcome you for one πŸ™‚

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  3. I don’t drink tea as often as coffee I think because I like two sugars in tea but I don’t like sugar in coffee so I drink more of it because tea feels like a treat that I only have now and the. But anyway when I do drink it I like it strong, two teabags strong and a glug of milk and it must be nice and hot.

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