Note: I write these daily Novembers to the background noise of my kids screaming. These days like to run around chasing each other and scream. It’s some kind of game. Their cries pierce right through my ears. They interrupt my thoughts and halt my words and make my brain feel like mush . I stop them sometimes, and other times I let them do it, because it seems like they enjoy it and they need to get it out of their system.

I am actually behind.

I am behind and I could panic about it but I won’t.

I won’t let the overwhelm overwhelm me.

Let this be my 25th post.

It has no substance.

My brain is mush.

But brains are mush. And it is within that mush that ideas grow.


6 thoughts on “[25]

  1. Years and years ago, a very dear friend said that, while at a conference, she heard someone share a very profound statement that helped her for the rest of her life. That statement was… “Everything is absolutely perfect as it is. Our job is not to question it, but to figure out how it is perfect.”

    The number of days that you write this month is completely perfect. How or why is up to you to figure out or not. Just don’t waste your time beating yourself up… Because you can’t argue with perfection!

    Everything, including you, is perfect just the way it is!💜

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