The End!

Well, we have officially reached the end of November, and the end of Nano Poblano and of course, Nanowrimo.

When I pasted my entire month’s worth of blogs into a Word document, the total word count came up to 12,567 words. Which to be honest is more than I have written in a month in MANY years. So I am Very Pleased.

It was TOUGH.

It was hard to prioritise time to write a post each day.

I would just sit down, put the number in the title, and then just write. So whatever came out of my fingertips was published immediately with no editing and no re-reading.

My plan is to read over what I have done, do a tonne of editing and planning, and then make it into the Thing it has been in my head for over seventeen years.

Might take me a few more years lol.

Might be next November when I challenge myself again.

But it will happen.

This challenge has taught me one thing: I do have time to write about 500 words a day. They don’t have to be perfect or edited, they just have to be there on paper. It’s better than nothing!

If you did nanowrimo or nano poblano or any other writing challenge this month, how did you fare?


24 thoughts on “The End!

  1. I’m so glad I met you during this go round of Nanopoblano! Your writing is so beautifully descriptive. I love it! You were definitely meant to write….whether it’s 100 words per day or 500 words per week…doesn’t matter. Just write when you can. The world needs you 💜🙏💜

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  2. 12,567 words is A LOT! It was really tough for me as well. Posting every day without a lot of saved content and having a variety of topics is very tough to do with a work and other life things happening. Nonetheless, I made it, and you did, too 🙂 Job well done!

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