Writing Purples

I am supposed to be writing for myself this month but there are six days (about) left and I only have ten thousand words of the fifty thousand minimum limit. I shall give up without much of a fuss this month And hope for the best in the next month I set aside for some writing.

With cheer I say, I do believe I have once again stumbled upon the Writing Blues! Everything seems to come to a juddering halt before the brick wall of discouragement. None of my characters will adhere to my commands. They have wilful souls of their own, and oddly, all seem to be biased towards the defiant, sullen demeanor. This will not do at all, because they canโ€™t all monopolise the brooding inclination. They canโ€™t all have the same damn personality!

These arenโ€™t blues, though, so much as purples. This is not the muffled thump of me falling into a pit of writing misery. This is the tremulous hanging in the airless space between inspiration and avolition. Between red and blue. In purple.

12 thoughts on “Writing Purples

  1. Hope at least a couple of those characters settle down and listen so you can write more in February! Sometimes those characters can be pesky and have a mind of their own, which is good as long as they all have different minds…

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  2. I hope the writing purples are short-lived, Lenora. And 10k words is awesome. It’s 10k words! You might sit your characters down and ask them what’s up. It would make a great post and you might be surprised by the clarity and their advice. ๐Ÿ™‚

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