Girl Walks into a Bar

Hello, good day, how can I help?

Yes, hi, can I have one Marriage on the rocks, please?

Sure. If you take a seat, I’ll bring it right over.

Thank you. Oh, and can I have a packet of frustration and irritability with that too? Salted, if you have any.

We only have spicy.

Oh, I like spicy frustration and irritability.

Do you still want the Marriage on the rocks with that? It doesn’t go so well with spice.

No, hmm, it doesn’t really does it?

No, ma’am.

Alright, I’ll have a Marriage on the Hold please instead.

With a shot of syrup?

For good measure, yes.

You need a bit of syrup to carry off the frustrations nicely, don’t you. Balances it all out, as it were.

Ahh, yes. When I have more time, I might get a Happy Marriage.

Oh, ma’am, it’s all here as and when you please. You just gotta ask.

Really, just ask, huh?

It’s that simple, ma’am. You might need to turn a blind eye to the little packets of frustration that come free, though. Nothing we can do about that, I’m afraid. Just grin and bear it. You can give it away, if you like.

Yes, my boss likes those.

Well there you go then.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.¬†

The Sunset of Life

Before you expire, what is it you hope to achieve?

I hope to achieve my life-ly goals, and also my after-life-ly goals, because I believe that life is a struggle because it is temporary. I think that much more awaits me out there and so I must prepare for it, much like I am preparing for my finals today, because I want a better life in the future.

It is all about balance, you see.

Balance your behaviour. Balance your personality. Balance your character. Balance your relationships. Balance your work and your play.

Life is a seesaw of things which we must balance.

I think that each of us is a little planet that spins around our axis of life. None of us share an axis. Our axises are comprised of our different life institutions, and while some of our life institutions may be similar, others aren’t.

Two sisters share a family and siblings but they have different spouses and children, and they might have gone to separate universities and have separate religions. They may share a passion for painting but one sister might like abstract while the other focuses solely on life like oil painting.

There is so much going on, and so many things that demand our attention, that it can sometimes be hard to give each its due focus.


I think that it is harmful to prioritise things unnecessarily. It’s harmful to make your family your sole focus in life, over your passions and beliefs. It is harmful to be so infatuated with somebody, that your life begins to be meaningless without said person. It is dangerous to fixate on work or your career at the expense of your real life relationships. You must feed your body as well as your soul.

Those are the things that I think are important, and the things I want to achieve before the sunset of my life begins. The thing is, it could be anytime. It could even be in the next ten minutes. That is why I have made it my priority to never go to sleep angry with anybody, and to mend all my disagreements with people. It’s good for your heart, and it’s good for your conscience.


the sunset of life.jpg