Alone but not Lonely

It is good to be alone sometimes.

My family went away for a week’s holiday someplace sunny, and my mum’s house is gloriously empty. Silent.

The silence is so loud when all the windows are shut. I sat down for a moment on the bed, and let the static sound of nothing engulf me.

It swept through my ears and pounded on my brain and allowed my thoughts to peep gently out then trip gaily down the lanes of my memory. Nothing to hinder them. Nobody calling to me, nobody asking me anything, nobody talking – anywhere.

It was glorious. I was gloriously alone, and not a whit lonely.

All By Myself

Today I am going to have a house completely to myself.

All to myself.

Did you hear what I said?


With no risk or possibility of anybody coming home from school or college or work, no kids screaming, nobody. Nobody except me.

I will be free to walk around in my underwear. I will be free to have a long, hot shower without the risk of anybody knocking on the door telling me to hurry up or using the taps in the kitchen making my shower icy cold.

You know what I am going to do?

I am going to raid my mother’s freezer and cook myself a nice healthy nutritious meal. I am going to workout in the living room, window wide open, and something nice and loud playing. I am going to weed her garden, and throw away some junk in my sister’s room. I am going to hoover the whole house, make myself a banana and honey hair mask, and plop a bathbomb in a nice hot bath. I am going to watch a film in my mother’s massive bed, and sing really loudly. I am going to be FREE.

After three months of living in two houses full of humans everywhere, with very little private time, today looks like it will be simply magnificent, and I will enjoy every. single. moment.

Did you hear that, everybody? EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT.

Also, it’s really sunny and warm today. It really feels like spring!

Adios, folks, and happy Good Friday to you.