Cracked Skin

I am writing this because I need to write a blog post. I need to do so many things and yet I find myself mopping floors and scrubbing dried up food off a highchair. Wiping bottoms. Faces. Picking food out of hair. Toes. Tidying up books, bricks, trains, crumbs, rubbish, over and over and over and over and over and over….

And standing still for a moment, clutching a tea towel, realising with a horrible overwhelming clarity that every single day I do everything and nothing. A sense of urgency overpowers me because how will my kids ever learn??? How?!!?!?


This blogpost isn’t about that.

It is about feet.

If you don’t like feet, then click away my friend.

My feet have become terribly rough and scratchy of late. The soles have developed hard, cracked skin. My mum advises that it is because I walk on hard floors without slippers and don’t cream my feet enough. I tell her I cream them every morning and every night.

So one night, as I felt my feet scratching against the sheets as I tossed in bed, I sat up crossly.

Enough is enough, I say!

I got out a tub of vaseline, and lathered my feet with it, before popping my socks on and going to bed. Next morning I did the same thing, and went to the gym. When I got home and showered, I used a pumice stone to scrub at the dry skin.

Every day, I lathered the vaseline, and scrubbed away in the shower.

A week later, the skin on my feet is soft as a ….. as a downy feather. As a duck’s back. As a cat’s tail. As a well-oiled foot. I didn’t need a trip to the salon for an overpriced pedicure that doesn’t do anything (yesss I have tried this in the past). I did not need any foot masks that you can buy online, but can never be sure if you’re buying a scam, because everything is a scam nowadays.

Vaseline. Pumice stone. Moisturiser.



That’s all my brain can do for today.