I am noticing that a lot of money is being wasted in this country. A lot of food is being thrown away. A lot of systems function very poorly. Money is not being distributed correctly.

Here are some examples:

  1. Supermarkets won’t stock wonky vegetables. Even though lots of vegetables grow wonky anyway. So what are they doing with the wonky ones? They are perfectly edible. Are we such a fussy, entitled society that we wouldn’t buy wonky ones? What a waste.
  2. The NHS user outdated computer systems to manoeuvre all their workings. Mainly because it is non profitable to any single person, so the government doesn’t feel like it needs to update the systems, which mostly run on year 2000 software. This results in a lot of time wasted and long queues, and wasted time is wasted money. That is not efficient.

So what is the solution?

Here is a small suggestion. We need to change democracy, and get rid of politicians.

Politicians are a bunch of really rich people who haven’t lived the life 80% of this country live daily. They don’t struggle with their taxes, they aren’t in debt, and they aren’t single parents of minimal wage trying to make ends meet in an economy where the gap between salary and living expenses for the average Joe is astronomical. They, in short, do not care, and so what they think is best for this country is in fact not the best for this country.

They get to claim tens of thousands per year in FOOD expenses. LUNCHES at parliament, lunches they could make at home with the massive incomes we pay them.

That is not fair.

All of our money is being handed to these people for them to do what they want with it.

It is all very well to say, ok, let us choose somebody more like us. People like us don’t often get into politics, or if they do they get bribed and corrupted by money.

So, what if there was an electronic database, where the regular taxpayer can login, and choose where to put his taxes? All the different sectors will be available, and the funds required for all the services on full display, meticulously planned out, and we can choose where to put our money. This would eliminate the need for a politician to decided what to budget for what, and where cuts should be made.

So our money isn’t going into unnecessary military activities or into the fat pockets of Tory bastards. It is going, where we can see it, into the places that need it the most, to the people who are the most vulnerable, and we should have the power to choose where our tax money goes, so we don’t resent paying tax.

The crumbling NHS is a prime example.

When vulnerable people have their money taken away, they find it harder to live, making them a hindrance to society because of the inevitable mental health troubles that would follow. This makes them less likely to be innovative, educated and creative, meaning lots of people in our society become more and more ignorant, and prone to going for alcohol and drugs to ease the pain. If we help them, so they can lead healthy lifestyles, they will be an asset to society, and we would grow stronger as a nation.

People like to be in control.

I think the people should be in charge, and the fundamental idea of democracy needs to change. They say the people run the country, but I don’t see that. It isn’t true. Those who run the country are those who have the money. Money is power. And they are profiting in the billions over our backs. They are taking money away from the most vulnerable, chasing them up, when the most cushy people get away with tax evasion.

What do you think?