A Small Reflection

Today I came out of the shower in Damian’s house and said, “Y’all better get out of my room cause I want to change in there”.

“She said it!” my sister in law said, “She said ‘my room‘!”

I did. I called Damian’s room my room. How the tables have turned. It appears I am more comfortable now in the home of my in-laws. I can even poop here. And that is a remarkable feat, really, since I can’t usually anywhere but at my own home. Or my home (my mother’s house). Or my uncle’s.

I wanted to reflect upon how nice that is, and how I have, in acquiring a spouse, acquired myself a new home.

Sometimes in life one isn’t always happy, and today I put this small happy pebble in my pebble jar of happies, to remind myself to stop being so glum over things and to feel joy in small matters! Every penny counts, they say. That was my shiny copper penny for today.

Adieu, my dears. Much love,