I woke up at six am today, as usual. Did all the morning things people usually do. I also had a coffee even though I am trying to cut back. Saw my husband out the door. Did research on the appointment I had today. I had hoped to have some time to myself today to do my university work.

Didn’t happen. I went to the appointment. I took my MIL shopping. Then I took my M (mother, lol.) shopping. Then I came straight back and started teaching.

I might have some time tonight to do it but it seems unlikely.

This is the thing, though; I am actually doing a full time course from home. Nobody seems to understand that. In a full time course, lectures and seminars usually span the hours of 8am-6pm. There are at least 20 hours of accompanied study a week, then three hours of self-study.

All my study has to be self study.

I need my time to study.

I am not focusing on my university work at ALL.

The only time I get to open my books is when I have to research for an assignment. I have two of those every month.

I need time to study individually.

I don’t think my families understand this.

They think I can willy nilly go here and there because I ‘study from home’.

No. I can’t. I need to dedicate un-interrupted time for study.

This is ridiculous.

I think this is the real reason behind my gradual mental declination.

Over and out.

Girl Walks into a Bar

Hello, good day, how can I help?

Yes, hi, can I have one Marriage on the rocks, please?

Sure. If you take a seat, I’ll bring it right over.

Thank you. Oh, and can I have a packet of frustration and irritability with that too? Salted, if you have any.

We only have spicy.

Oh, I like spicy frustration and irritability.

Do you still want the Marriage on the rocks with that? It doesn’t go so well with spice.

No, hmm, it doesn’t really does it?

No, ma’am.

Alright, I’ll have a Marriage on the Hold please instead.

With a shot of syrup?

For good measure, yes.

You need a bit of syrup to carry off the frustrations nicely, don’t you. Balances it all out, as it were.

Ahh, yes. When I have more time, I might get a Happy Marriage.

Oh, ma’am, it’s all here as and when you please. You just gotta ask.

Really, just ask, huh?

It’s that simple, ma’am. You might need to turn a blind eye to the little packets of frustration that come free, though. Nothing we can do about that, I’m afraid. Just grin and bear it. You can give it away, if you like.

Yes, my boss likes those.

Well there you go then.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.