Tea Rooms

Went to Mrs Bridge’s Tea Rooms with the MIL and the M and the H (mother in law, mother, husband). It’s a small tea room (established in 1723!) which retains its historical decor, and sits in the picturesque corner of Leicester’s town centre called ‘The Lanes’, in which you can find a myriad of little independently owned stores and unique cafes. It’s the perfect, idyllic stroll on a Sunday afternoon, and just what you’d expect in a small English town.

If you ever come to Leicester, don’t miss out on The Lanes. Leicester is not just chain stores, you know. There are a lot of beautiful old buildings and alleyways to wander along.

We had dessert, despite the hole in my tooth, on some beautiful wooden chairs. The atmosphere was vintage and dainty. There were china tea cups and original fireplaces. The windows were single glazed, and the view outside was of the white and ebony Edwardian roofs, pretty shop signs and blue sky.

We had a scintillating chat about rats and lawyers and the weather and our families, and it was just peaceful. Like a break from everything. I really enjoyed myself. I think the mums did too. There is a little courtyard outside where you can sit and eat with the sky as your roof, but it was too cold for that this time.

It was a quaint experience, and one which I am eager to repeat on another empty Sunday.. The mums were pleased, I think, to get away from ‘the kids’. They both have a bunch of kids, and some still at school, so I am sure it was a much needed break.

So that is what I did today.

How was your weekend?

On Bin Men

Driving to the university from home this morning I had to wait some five minutes while the bin lorry (the lorry that collects all our rubbish) reversed in the narrow road, a slow collection of cars started lining up behind me.

Some of them flashed and beeped at me to overtake the lorry but I couldn’t because it was too big and there was oncoming traffic.

One of the men in bright green jackets held his hand up in thanks to me. I nodded, prepared to wait for as long as they needed me to.

I, surprisingly, didn’t feel irritated as I usually do when I am being held up on the road, even though I was late. I get very irritated driving in the city in the mornings, some people are so rude and such terrible drivers and have no road etiquette.

But I wasn’t irritated with the bin lorry and the bin men. I think it’s because they are doing a great service to our city, cleaning up all the rubbish. It’s not an easy task to manoeuvre a massive lorry in our tight little roads, and they are really working hard and being so nimble and quick and deft so early in the morning.

It’s inspiring to see how energetic they are, collecting all the bins, running here and there, lifting the heavy black bins and hopping on and off the lorry as though they were performing a skilled circus performance.

Kudos to them, that’s what, they put everything they have into what they do, so let them take as long as they need to.

Because of them we live in a clean city and don’t have piles and piles of rubbish on our doorsteps, as in lots of other countries. There is an order to be kept and they keep it, and this is what makes the city a much better place to be in. Also it is a blessing. Mostly because rubbish can be so depressing to look at.