October Pledge

It’s Friday again. Hello Friday, how do you do? And how do you do?

In England, shops already have their Christmas decorations out. My mind is numb to it, because just a blink of an eye ago it was summer.

Oh, how I have lagged behind, folks.

Life is very difficult, and there are a lot of bends and twists along the way. Some are happy, and lots are bleak.

I have some big plans, though. Let us see if they come into fruition!

One of my large plans is to knuckle down for real this year and do NaNoWrimo like it’s meant to be done. I want to finish this novel once and for all, even if it is a shoddy mess by the time it is done.

SO, I pledge to write 30,000 words this November. The maths is very easy. That’s 1000 words a day. I think I can do it. I will also be taking off around 5 days of work this month, to focus solely on writing and planning and creating things that have been put on hold for way too long.

I have drafts of blog posts from FEBRUARY, that were meant to be published. I just didn’t have time! Life hit me like a tonne of bricks, and work is just an all-consuming, all-encompassing presence. It is stressing me out. Commuting for 2-3 hours a day, plus running my house, plus keeping mentally sane and maintaining relationships without being a selfish, paranoid arse, pardon my French, is making me fat, miserable, lonely and inadequate.

SOMETHING has got to give.

So this November, I am promising to make a new start. If my novel is finished properly by the end of December, I will have lived up to this new standard. But, first, 30,000 words in November.

Can I do this??

How have you been, fellow bloggers? Do let me know in the comments below!


Oh, hello. Nanowrimo is here.

Oh, hello indeed. It is the first of November. How mad is that.

I have been trying to finish a novel for five years. Let us hope this is the month I manage to do it. Alongside commuting to work and getting a FIRST class degree. Not second, not third. First. I will not settle for less.

Let us see how this goes, eh?

My hopes, as they are every November, are high.

My daily writing goal is 3000 words, 5000 on the weekends. It helps that I have a general plot outline to follow, and an idea of what my characters should turn out like. Whether they do what I ask so kindly of them is a different matter entirely.

That is easy, right? RIGHT? I was thinking I should do it on my train commute, and since I only work three days a week I have Monday evenings and Friday evenings, and during the day I can study. Right?

We’ll see.

I plan to document it just to show my future self what I am capable of. That’s the spirit!

Are you planning to do NaNoWrimo? Or have you done it in the past? Do share your experiences if you have, I’d love to know how it went!


A Block of Words

writers block


Hello Internet. It’s that time of year again. Cold windy days, barren trees, grey afternoons and a night that descends so quickly. I embrace the lights, though. They make me happy, like shiny beacons of glitter and hope in the ever-growing blackness that is winter.

It is also the time of year that writers love. NaNoWrimo is in full swing, you can hear the tapping of keyboards and the scribbling of pens echoing across the plains of this virtual world and it is so heartening but again, two years in a row now, I am suffering from writer’s block.

I am stressed out with all the work I have to do. It involves a hearty amount of reading, analysing, creative writing, the application of literary devices and deep concentration, all of which I love immensely but when tripled with strict deadlines and weeks of mountainous literary terrain to navigate, I find myself quite lost. Confused. At a complete standstill.

Here is a small inconsequential fact:


I have spots on my face and I never get spots. I ate all of Damian’s M&Ms today and I know he will be cross because:

  1. I am not supposed to be eating anything processed or artificially sweet because of my digestive system.
  2. He doesn’t like sharing his M&Ms.

So I am making him a small dish of apple crumble with oats and honey because:

  1. He loves apple crumble and if he sees the apple crumble he will totally forget about his precious M&Ms.
  2. It is a great way to use up all my cupboard ingredients before we move out in two weeks (or even less!).
  3. Once again, I am procrastinating!

So. I have writer’s block. How devastating. Will I ever write a book? Who knows. The literary future of one Lenora Sparrow is looking pretty bleak.